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Horror Poll: Which werewolf pack are you most likely to be in? Free Online Polls, Opinion Surveys, Fun Poll Voting Vote
HorrorHorror Poll: Which werewolf pack are you most likely to be in?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which werewolf pack are you most likely to be in?" by AlphaWolf.

Choose from this list:

Skyslayer Pack- You are part of the fierce wild warrior pack that sticks with eachother through thick and thin. Your pack rules the woods while everyone bows down at your feet. You're most compatible with someone from the Shadow Dancer pack. You should be honored to be part of the leading pack of the whole forest!
Songbrace Pack- You are part of the shy but witty clan that always has their own reasons for doing things. Some other packs may think you guys are a bunch of loonys but that's what makes you unique.You are most compatible with the Silverbow pack.
Shadow Dancers- You are part of the most secretive pack in the whole forest! You wander the nights as quiet as a flea on a pillow. Hardly anyone knows what you are thinking and are most likely to pass by without anyone noticing five times in a row. You are most compatible with the Skyslayer clan though you are able to make friends wherever you go.
Silverbow Pack- You are in the clan where everyone is able to keep sane and civil and act almost normal in your wolfish stage. In otherwords your pack is the down-to-earth kinda group. Everyone looks to you for ideas and answers. You are most compatible with the Songbrace Pack.
Oakenfeet Pack- You belong to the fun and care-free pack where everyone is happy and hyper. You enjoy the company of others and scaring normal people just for fun. In other words you are the forest prankster gang. You're most compatible with the Bronze Claws.
Bronze Claws-You belong in the most poised, confident group in the woods. You and your pack think very highly of yourselves and other werewolves and accept yourselves for the wolves you are. You are eager to correct people when they make mistakes even though that can be annoying to those around you. If given the chance you would very much love to rule the world, but in a nice cultured way.