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LoveLove Poll: What kind of guy is right for you? (Revised)
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What kind of guy is right for you? (Revised)" by Jenson.

Choose from this list:

Prep-Popular, attractive, and a slave of modern fashion marketing.
Quiet, sweet type- Maybe not as popular as a prep, but still part of the in crowd. A nice, caring attitude.
Troublesome sweetheart- Misdemeanor, schmisdemeanor! He's still a nice guy, and he wouldn't do anything THAT bad...
Pushy, arrogant, and loads of fun- OK, so he's full of himself, but that means there's more of him to love! He might have done a little jail time, but oh well.
BAD ASS BOY- Rev up your motorcycle and heat your spoon, it's party time kids! You like em bad and beastly. But rocks have feelings too...
EMO BOY- Quiet, type- not popular, A nice, caring attitude. Has own fashion style and listens to hardcore music at times.
GOTH BOY- Quiet, type- not popular. Has own fashion style and is curious, romantic, artsy and creative.