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graphHarry PotterHarry Potter Poll: What Harry Potter Slash Couple Best Fits You?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "What Harry Potter Slash Couple Best Fits You?" by Mysti A Lake.

Choose from this list:

Harry/Draco - Ah, the classic. Forbidden love between two "enemies."
Harry/Ron - the brotherly bond. No, not /that/ way.
Draco/Ron - fire and ice. A Weasley and a Malfoy, who'd've thought?
Seamus/Dean - the oh-so-close "friends." You knew they liked each other!
Seamus/Harry - the oddball and the hero. Well, why not? Harry needs someone to lighten him up.
Sirius/Remus - the old flames. Guess that hug meant something, after all. ^_~
Sirius/Snape - the mortal enemies. Maybe they didn't /always/ hate each other...
Remus/Snape - the monster and the... other monster. They're both outcasts, right?
Sirius/Harry - the father figure. Maybe James should've picked Remus, after all...
Remus/Harry - puppy love. Harry really liked him back in third year, you know.
Snape/Harry - love conquers all. Even eternal hatred.
Snape/Draco - now we /know/ why he's Snape's favorite student. ^_~
Hermione/Ginny - well, Hermione has stayed in Ginny's room before...
Hermione/Cho - well, Hermione always did seem like the Ravenclaw type.
Ginny/Cho - Harry rejected Ginny for Cho... now Cho rejects Harry for Ginny. Poetic justice!
James/Sirius - the best friends. They were very close before Lily, you know.
James/Remus - well, Remus did know James very well, by his own admission...
James/Lucius - if Harry/Draco is possible, there has to be a history to it!
James/Snape - maybe it wasn't love for /Lily/ that makes Snape hate Harry...
Lucius/Snape - they're evil, they're sexy, it's a win-win combination!
Harry/Neville - aww... ok, everyone melt on three.
Draco/Neville - the big bad Slytherin finds someone to protect.
Harry/Lucius - hey, he's more mature than Draco. Older men are better. ^_~
Snape/Dumbledore - do you want to try again? No? Well, it could happen... I suppose...
Non-Slasher - wow. A mythical creature. ^_~ Go try some Harry/Ginny. It will be more to your liking.


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