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MoviesMovies Poll: Which Moulin Rouge Character Are You?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Moulin Rouge Character Are You?" by Kassandra.

Choose from this list:

Toulouse Latrec- You are a loyal friend and a good person, regardless of your love of absinthe. However, you tend to be a little pushy while, at the same time, you do not speak up about your love. You have a right to be happy too, you know.
Christian- You are the lovesick writer. You strive for a fairy tale in the real world and, though you love strong and deep, you are easily jealous and hurt. Watch out for your heart, someone just might step all over it...but it's your gentleness that makes you so unique
Satine- Ahh, the dazzling, dying Diamond. You are always the center of attention, everyone wants you. But you are afraid of love and of giving up control. You know how fragile you are and refuse to be broken again. Forget about money and just give in with your heart.
The Duke- You are one seriously messed up fella. Possessive, jealous, and willing to buy what you want, you are a spoiled brat unable to play well with others. Watch it, one of these days someone might start stealing your toys.
Nini- Hello Roxanne. You want the spotlight and can't stand it that someone else is the center of attention. Though you love to be want to be loved by as many people as possible. You crave money, fame, and jewelry. Watch your neck.
The Unconscious Argentinean- You are a dangerous person...dark, brooding, and loving the lime-light. Though you switch from one thing to another quickly, you feel deeply about certain subjects. Like will not be cheated on. Ever.
Zidler- While you may not be the guy in the white hat, you care about those who you are around. You love your friends and your co-workers, but as you would say, even in the midst of depression, the show must go on.
The Green Fairy- Wow...what can I say about you? Other than the fact that you're an alcohol induced dream, you are what every man/woman wants. They all want you. Be careful though...your wings may not be as sturdy as you like and one of these days you're going to have to sober up.
Le Chocolat- A devout friend, you are firm in the belief that everyone has the right to be safe, no matter who they are. You are loyal and protective and heaven help the person who decides to hurt your charge.
Marie- A sweet, mothering person, life has been hard for you. Though you aren't an angel, you do take care of people in your charge, giving htem support when you think they need it the most. You are a wonderful nurse.