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graphMythologyMythology Poll: Which Mythical Creature/Monster could you be?
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Which Mythical Creature/Monster could you be?" by Sara.

Choose from this list:

Wyvern- Winged Dragon having bird's feet and a serpent's tail
Werewolf- Alternating between the form of human and wolf (Arrrooooooooo!)
Unicorn Unicorn-white and horse-like with a single horn (You can out wit anybody... except virgins)
Sphinx- Head of a woman and body of a lion (You kill people who can't solve your riddles!)
Phoenix- Fabulous Bird who from time to time destroys itself on a burning altar (Being then reborn from the ashes)
Minotaur- Eater of human flesh. Being half man- half bull (You were confined to a Labyrinth)
Kelpie- Water Spirit, usually a horse (you drown your riders ~cringe~)
Hydra- Nine-headed water snake (you sprout 2 heads where one is struck off!)
Griffin/Gryphon- Eagles head and wings with a Lion's body
One of the Furies- You're a 3 winged Goddess, with serpents for hair (you punish evil-doers)
Cerberus- 3 headed watchdog (you Guard Hades, the Greek underworld)
Cyclops- You've got a single eye on your forehead
Chimera- Fire breathing monster. Lion's head, she-goat's body and a serpents tail
Basilisk- A serpent, lizard or dragon that kills by it's breath or look


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