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WeirdWeird Poll: Past Life Selector
Vote for your top choice from the list below. This poll is based upon the selector "Past Life Selector" by Your Mom.

Choose from this list:

You were Polar Bear (like the author)
You were and possibly still are a mean person/idiot and you should reconsider your morals. And most likely an innocent and defenseless animal that was slaughtered just for the taste of some cruel, un-thinking human. Do you want to eat yourself? Don't eat meat and the world will become a much better place
You were a participant (persecutor) in the Inquistion, Salem Witch Trials, McCarthyism, or the Holocaust and need a firm kick in the nuts
You were a persectur in one or more of the aforementioned tragic events and are being punished in this life for being a persecutor in a past one. Or perhaps you're completely innocent - in which case, hang in there and don't take crap from anyone or let what anyone says get you down.
You and your Seelenfreund/in have entertwined in past lives and will continue to for a long time, dependant on if you're a nice person in this life. Do everything you can to help others and be fair and non-judgemental to everyone (disregard my hypocrisy here) and you'll be together forever before you know it. If it seems hard or impossible, just hang in there. You'll get through it together. Try to not become too upset or angry with and always listen to what your Seelenfreund/in says.
You were and maybe still are a philospher, under-credited, or regarding as "un-important" independent, free-willed, radical, smart, ahead of your time person. Your ideas will become recognized soon enough and you'll become a valid and important person in this community and you will make a change for the better of this world... just make sure it IS for the better.
Your Mom