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Civil War is on TV

Posted by 
Civil War is on TV
July 09, 2018 11:02PM
I just saw this Marvel epic movie version last night (on TNT).

Totally action packed & worth seeing. But don't expect a perfect movie.

It's not Gladiator, most of the 1st half of the X-Men movies, or Lord Of The
Rings. But it is a must see for Marvel fans.

It follows the idea of the epic comic cross-over, in which a tragic accedent
forces government oversight on super heros.

Before you read further, there be spoilerz below.

1-The villian who caused all the trouble was changed.

2-It was not the Avengers, but the New Avengers (in comics).

3-While they did use SPiderman, they left out many others. Like The Fantastic
Four (who were split apart in the comics). And no Punisher?!?

4-There's no X-Men. A bummer, but acceptable, since they stayed neutral in the
comics. Though Wolverine was the one who caught & killed the villian. Something
only he could do.

5-The movie did not capture the thoughts & feelings of what ordinary everyday
people wanted out of the changes.

6-While about 2 hours in length, the movie felt way too short. It felt like a long 2nd act
with no end. What they should have done was a 2 parter or volume, like Kill Bill.

7-And frankly, the big fight scene at the end was BS. In the comics Captain America
wipes the floor with Iron Fart . . . and only the people (who believe the changes benefit
is in their best interest) stops Captain A.

8-After Captain America stops fighting he surrenders, is arrested & is shot dead by Red Skull.
The fact they wanted a more happy ending is not sooo bad.

I feel as if I waited years for an anti-climactic let down. 3 of 5 stars . . . not bad, yet bad
cause it had the potential to rock.

Suffice to say, I won't be getting the DVD.
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