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Example of a bad teacher (& a joke)

Posted by 
Example of a bad teacher (& a joke)
May 24, 2018 12:53AM
A teacher asked a student what happens when there is an eclipse?

The student replied, a lot of people go outside & watch!

What 1st comes to mind is that the student is sarcastic & only paying attention
to the after affect. However, that is what the teachers asked for.

What the teacher should have asked was what causes the eclipse.
Then we could fairly expect the student to say a combo of the sun, moon & earth
lining up. In a solar eclipse the moon passes between the earth & sun.

If the teacher asked what happens when there's an earthquake, & the student
replied, a lot of things get shaken up & fall down. It would be a fair answer. If the
teacher asked what causes the earthquake, than a different answer is expected
about plates shifting.
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