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Posted by Indy! 
March 29, 2018 06:04PM
I went to the movies last night - planning to see Pacific Rim Uprising in 3D. I have a movie pass (movie lovers should get one - $9.99 a month for all the movies you want to see) which means no 3D movies (the MP doesn't cover those). So I have to buy a ticket to a regular movie and sneak into a 3D movie. Anyway, two kids are walking up with me and I figure they have to be going to Pacific Rim too. So I listen when they buy their ticket to hear what theater it's playing in (they don't even put signs outside anymore so you have to ask somebody). Anyway, they call the manager over to have a conversation and all I hear is "...whisper, whisper, whisper... Ready Player One... whisper, whisper, whisper... you guys are the only people who showed up so far... whisper, whisper, whisper..." Then they get a ticket and leave with the manager. There's nothing on the list showing RPO playing, so I go up and ask the girl "Hey - is Ready Player One showing tonight?" She says there are two shows - 3D at 7 and 2D at 7:30. I'm already signed up via moviepass for... snicker... "Getting Grace" (whatever that is) - so I buy my ticket, get my popcorn and head inside. I walk down towards the theater and I hear some cool previews in an open theater - I walk in, the place is empty and the Rock's new movie is previewing in 3D so I know it's either Pacific Uprising or Ready Player One. I sit down and sure enough - here come the two kids after me. We're the only 3 people who saw it. Thought that was hilarious because usually I have to wait a few weeks after a movie premieres for the crowds to thin out so I get a good seat, there's no talking, etc... and I managed to sneak into a sneak preview to see it before the crowds for once.

The movie - pretty good. Couple people told me the book is awesome and I was like "People still read?" eye popping smiley Anyway - don't want to spoil it, but the first half of the movie is next level special effects not unlike seeing Avatar for the first time - all kinds of crazy stuff happening - so much so you'd have to see the movie 4 or 5 times to take it all in. Steven Spielberg made it and he's seriously indulging himself this time around - every pop culture reference you can imagine from the 50s on up in virtually every scene. I mean EVERYTHING. LOTS of 80s music - some welcome - some (or at least one) kind of "oh god no". Most of it takes place in a virtual reality environment where all the normal rules are suspended. Definitely a movie you want to see in 3D too - because (like Avatar) it's definitely going to lose a lot in 2D. About halfway thru they get to the real story and then it takes on more Spielbergian qualities - more down to earth and personal. The story is pretty good - you've definitely seen it before in other incarnations, but getting there is still worthwhile and a lot of fun.
Re: Movies!
March 30, 2018 09:12PM
Pacific Rim? Really?

Ready Player One looks kinda cool!
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