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This isn't complicated. 2020 is a referendum on Trump.
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Last Jedi

Posted by Indy! 
Last Jedi
December 29, 2017 02:42AM
Re: Last Jedi
December 29, 2017 11:23PM
Haven't see it yet. Being that most movies suck, and the last Star Wars being one
of the said movies that sucked, I will wait for it to come on TV.
Re: Last Jedi
December 30, 2017 08:39AM
I love Star Wars and it sucks. What a dysfunctional relationship. Episode VII was so crappy, I'm not in a hurry to see VIII.
Re: Last Jedi
December 30, 2017 07:05PM
Sounds like we have the same relationship with the series. Epsiode IV was a really good start, but I assumed the series would get better from there and it has gone pretty much in the opposite direction. Lucas has been far too concerned with selling plush toys to the kids for my liking - but that said, I've still managed to see all of them at one time or another (although only 4 of them in the theater and 2 of those were only for the 3D ). I would put VIII just a hair higher than VII. Abrams is still borrowing heavily from the original trilogy - this one had a lot of Empire in it imho. I will say this in defense of what is at this point essentially a children's movie series - they manage to score political points here and there and this one takes a veiled shot at the similarities between the Ds and Rs.

Bottom line? If you're not a fanboy - you can wait to see it on cable in 6 months.
Re: Last Jedi
December 31, 2017 07:54AM
My 20 year-old son saw it twice (different friends invited him see it with them), though he didn't rave about it. His comment was that the movie was "Disneyfied" which he defined as the inappropriate insertion of humor.

Trump is unintentionally sabotaging his own and Republican candidates' campaigns.

Re: Last Jedi
January 01, 2018 07:12AM
And that is different from all the other episodes... how? smiling smiley
Re: Last Jedi
January 02, 2018 03:01PM
Star Wars hasn't had a decent movie since the first trilogy. I've boycotted the series since the second film in the second trilogy.


"Build yourselves a wall of ships!" said the Oracle!
Re: Last Jedi
January 02, 2018 09:40PM
Same here - quit seeing them in the theater after Empire cheated viewers out of a real ending. Skipped Return and the second trilogy altogether. Only went back for VII because JJ Abrams was making it and he did a good job rebooting Star Trek. The new trilogy does have Daisy Ridley - the one reason to see them. But if you want to see the ONLY SW film that comes anywhere near a nice sci-fi adventure - it's either Episode IV or Rogue One. Those two are the best of the series imho.
Re: Last Jedi
January 03, 2018 07:55PM
Survey says Star Wars for kids. Star Trek for adults.
Re: Last Jedi
January 04, 2018 05:44AM
You just figured that out?
Re: Last Jedi
January 04, 2018 09:06PM
No, I just felt like saying it. I've always preferred Star Trek.
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