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What are you guys watching for Halloween

Posted by 
What are you guys watching for Halloween
October 31, 2017 12:37AM
I DVR'd Jeff Dunham last night. He's always funny.
Re: What are you guys watching for Halloween
October 31, 2017 01:53AM
hot smiley-Achmed's dead jobs-eye popping smiley

Dead chef:
Silence I cook you. Beware of food poisoning.

Dead janitor:
Silence, I clean you . . . till you die.

Dead salesman:
Silence, I sell you . . . something.

Dead politician:
Vote me, or I keel you.

Dead librarian:
Silence, I read you. You'll be bored to death.

Dead doctor:
I prescribe a selfie - I mean an x-ray.

Dead leprechaun:
You steal me gold, I keel you.

Dead ice cream man:
I kill you - for a Klondike bar.

Dead masseuse:
Stop touching me - I kill you!

Dead comedian:
Silence, It's not funny!

Dead hitman:
Silence, I kill you. I keel you till you're dead, that's worse.
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