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This isn't complicated. 2020 is a referendum on Trump.
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Posted by Hornswoggle 
July 02, 2017 09:22AM
Last Saturday evening (6/25) I saw something unexplainable in the sky about 10:15. Reported the following to MUFON and NUFORC:

In the SSW about 45 degrees up I noticed a white light about as bright as Venus appears in the morning sky right now, which is very bright. I'm not sure exactly how long it had been there, but the last time I looked at that part of the perfectly clear sky was about 15 seconds prior to when I noticed it. It was about 1 1/2 hand widths to the left of Jupiter and a little higher up. Perfectly stationary. As soon as I trained my binoculars on it, it dimmed to a faint star-like light, and through the binoculars it looked just like a star and continued dimming until it was no longer visible. I watched that area of the sky for another 10 minutes and didn't see anything else that was unusual. Definitely not a star, planet, meteor, plane, satellite, or drone.
July 03, 2017 06:17PM
Posted for World UFO Day - July 2?
July 03, 2017 09:19PM
Do you mean posted for world UFL day?!?!? the finger smiley

Very unfreakin liberal!
July 03, 2017 09:20PM
Now to be serious, not delerious.

I have seen a few UFOs & other creepy things in my life.


America is plagued with an epidemic
of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.
D-K affects nearly every family.

You have to know, the real Dunning-Kruger
effects fake liberals to make them
think that they know everything.
No matter how many facts you
show them, they don't learn or accept.

Too many people are brainwashed into
believing their political party is benevolent.
While both are deep state knights & pawns.

We need outsiders like Donald Trump.

Do not confuse the Dunning-Kruger Effect
with the Dumb-Krueger Effect, started by
pseudo-psychologist to attack MAGAites.

The cure for Dumb-Krueger is knowlege!
May the facts be with you.
July 04, 2017 07:37AM
Unidentified Flying Light. It was probably an object, but to be objective, the only thing I saw was a light.
July 04, 2017 06:11PM
It's World UFO Day...

July 06, 2017 12:08AM
Kiss an alien today! spinning smiley sticking its tongue out
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