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GE glass oven door shattered

Posted by GE PLEASE take responsibility! 
GE PLEASE take responsibility!
GE glass oven door shattered
June 04, 2011 12:28PM
My GE glass oven door shattered into tiny pieces also around 5:30 pm, Friday, Jun-3-11. I'm going to contact the CPSA also so this was helpful. I've been looking on line and apparently this is a defect that the manufactures are ignoring. From my small research, I've found that the appliances were mostly GE or Kenmore (tomato-tumoto) is there a difference? The flaw seems to be with glass oven doors manufactured around the same time frame. More than the defect, it is very dangerous. I'm more relieved that no one was hurt. However, it's time for whoever manufactured this dangerous contraption to take responsibility for its defective product. All of these defective products should be recalled immediately before piece of glass pops into an innocent baby's or child's eye.

If this has happened to anyone else, please speak up and don't just take this.

Re: GE glass oven door shattered
July 05, 2011 10:57PM
The inner glass broke on our GE a couple of weeks ago during a clean cycle.
A week ago on Sunday the element blew with an almighty bang tripping the main fuse and taking the power out for the whole house.
I think this is because the inner glass was not properly insulating the oven.
With two major repairs it seems it's time for a new oven (which will not be GE or Kenmore!)
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
August 02, 2011 11:22PM
My GE oven glass just blew out two days ago after only being heated to 400 degrees to cook a meal. Luckily, the food was out and the oven was off and cooling down! Sounds to me like GE has a potential recall issue here that they are avoiding.
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
August 02, 2011 11:23PM
My GE oven glass just blew out two days ago after only being heated to 400 degrees to cook a meal. Luckily, the food was out and the oven was off and cooling down! Sounds to me like GE has a potential recall issue here that they are avoiding. Oh, and I should mention my GE oven is brand new...
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
October 31, 2011 11:30PM
My glass door just shattered!! I had it on 425 for about a half hour and just took a pizza out.
What is my recourse??
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
November 26, 2011 12:48AM
My GE oven glass door shattered earlier today when I simply nudged it with my hip so it could close by itself like I usually do. Glass was all over the kitchen floor. It's only been a few months since I've had it!
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered ON ITS OWN!!!
December 12, 2011 09:40PM
My GE glass oven door shattered into tiny pieces also around 9:30 pm, Friday, November 19, 2011. I was stunned to find many others have had the same experience! I've been looking on line and apparently this is a defect that the manufacturer is ignoring. It's time for the amnufacturere and / or the seller to take responsibility for this defective and dangerous product. All of these defective products should be recalled immediately before piece of glass pops into an innocent baby's or child's eye or a piece that doesn't vacuum up completely cuts someone's foot.

I'm also angered that the replacement part is so expensive! Will it also shatter?

If this has happened to anyone else, please speak up and don't just take this.

Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
December 14, 2011 09:23PM
I just bought a GE electric stove and the second time i went to use the stove after the food was in there for about 20 min the glass exploded. I called customer service and they said they would send a serviceman out to check it out. When the service man came he told us that obviously there is a defect with the glass and he would replace it. We told him that we want the actual stove replaced because it is a brand new stove payed close to $1,500 for it and we were not interested in a "repair". He said he understood and agreed it should be exchanged but he would go ahead and order a new glass either way. Right after he left we called what they call a customer advocate we were given a case # and she said we would be contacted. Days went by the serviceman came back and put the new glass in however his way of removing the glass that was everywhere in the stove was less than impressive. This is a convection oven so there is a fan in the back. I worry that small particles might have ended up in there and with the first use they can be blown back in the food, therefore i refuse to use the oven.
Well we have yet to be contacted, we have written several e-mails called several times left messages talked to other "customer advocates" and we're still waiting for the supervisor to call back. Needless to say we are furious, such horrible customer service! This is our first GE purchase and it will surely be the last. Does anyone know what further steps we can take since nothing seems to work so far?

Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
February 08, 2012 07:17PM
My renter contacted me that her GE oven glass shattered while she was cooking chicken breasts at 400 degrees. I had never heard of this happening until I found this web site and see that this is happening alot. There has to be a defect in the glass as it seems that it happens to stoves manufactured within the same time frame.. I have the identical stove in my other unit and wonder if the same will happen. I will contact the company tho it probaly won't do any good.
Anonymous User
GE oven door - me too!
February 18, 2012 03:39AM
I just bought a new GE self-cleaning electric range. After only having it for literally 5 days, my sitter was cooking a meal for the kids, and as it was cooling down and she was getting their food on the table she heard a loud crack/pop sound. Upon going into the kitchen she looked around and didn't realize what was wrong. Then she noticed the oven door was in a million glass shards inside the door. We are being sent a service call and product is still under warranty, but I'm without an oven until Monday.
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
February 26, 2012 02:07AM
WOW! My oven door on my GE Profile wall oven also shattered today! I have model JKS06B0F3BB. The same thing happened to me as happened to most everyone else on here. I turned my oven on to 400 degrees and put a sweet potato in there to bake. Within the first 10 minutes I heard a loud crack and went into my kitchen to see what it was. I looked in the oven to see shattered glass where the window should have been. I just called my appliance repair guy and he gave me an over the phone quote of somewhere around $200.00 (more or less he said, but I'm guessing it will be more!) to fix it. When I told him what had happened, he wasn't a bit surprised - as if he had heard this several times before. I am concerned that when he comes to repair it, he will not get all the broken glass out of the door, and will it happen again? If anyone hears about a class action suit or manufacturer recall, please, please post it on here! I don't think GE should get away with making such an unsafe product. This is happening to too many people!
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
March 12, 2012 07:45AM
I myself have always thought of GE of being one of the manufactor of appliances and my outside glass just shattered a loud boom a little after midnight and I have a 3 yearold who loves to help cook! GE you scum bags nerd to take care of this problem and provide a new glass for us customers!! Keep the fight going. They can afford to replace these parts for us and make us happy but they are scum if I dont recieve a replacement I will boycott GE which has a plant in my state of Massachusetts.
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
May 25, 2012 07:49PM
So glad I found this page to know I'm not alone. After only having the oven LESS THAN 24 HOURS, the glass door of the GE oven completely shattered when my friend just nudged the metal frame that goes around the glass door to support the glass. We all stood in shock as we looked at the door completely shattered into a million little pieces. We were trying to comprehend what we did that would have made that happen. That should not have even happened. An oven should be able to take at least a NUDGE! Sounds like a manufacturer defect, since it hadn't even been installed a full 24 hours before this happened, and hadn't ever even been used (neither the electric stove nor the oven). I hope it's under warranty.
Anonymous User
GE cafe glass oven door shattered
August 06, 2012 03:34AM
I bought a GE Cafe range/oven for $2500 and have had it for less than a year. Last night we were baking some spuds and garlic bread....when POP.... the inner glass completely shattered. Thankfully it was tempered and did not explode in our food. so i got to thinking about it.....ARE YOU KIDDING ME...the GLASS shattered from the heat. its an OVEN....meant to get hot or otherwise defeating the purpose of having it in the first place. there was nobody with 20 feet of the thing. the quality of products these days is really poor. now that i read all of the above descriptions of the exact same proble, i feel like they should warranty this and pay for labor. are there any class action lawsuits regarding this?

VERY LAME..........
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
August 26, 2012 07:29AM
Our GE Cafe range glass exploded tonight!!! Bought this in March of this year!!!! I am so upset about this.....we have waited many years to get new appliances...spent many months researching......and until tonight, so happy and proud of all 4 of my GE Cafe appliances......

Have to wait till Monday to call for service, so I dont know what is going to happen.....I fear the worst......

Had a huge meatloaf in the oven....dont dare eat it...have my kids here that could have been hurt....SO UPSET!!!!

Just thinking about having to get it fixed/replaced makes me crazy.....have to get it out, back in, leveled AGAIN!!! May harm countertop...........have to take off work to meet with service guy....
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
September 21, 2012 02:15AM
Just moved into our home about 4 weeks ago and have never had a self-cleaning oven before - extremely excited to try it out. After cleaning cycle was over I opened up door and it has cracked into about 6 pieces. This is a 5 year old GE Profile ceramic top oven. It sounds to me that the company should be taking some responsibility for this defect. Based on these comments in this forum and my own experience, I will never purchase GE again and will be sure to tell everyone I know about this issue.
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
October 27, 2012 07:50AM
My GE electric stove, oven glass door shattered into a million pieces also. I had the stove for just a few months, purchased Oct 2010 from Lowes. I was not home when it happened, the oven was not on. I came home to a mess in my kitchen, it just shattered all over. I have a dog and i was very thankful that it was with me at the time. If it were not it would had stepped into the glass pieces. That would had been a law suit for sure. I called Lowes and they sent a tech, the service call and glass panel were replaced for free, since it was not even a year old. I am now having a screw pop out inside the oven door, i tried to fix it, but it will not take. My extended warranty had expired earlier this month, i called Lowes and they are gonna send someone out again. They extended my warranty for another year. I purchased this stove just over two years ago and this is the second time someone is coming out. I will never buy another GE stove if the matter of the shattering glass door. is not resolved fully
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
October 29, 2012 06:04PM
So I am not alone.. Great! I guess. Last night I used the oven to heat up some taco shells at 350 degrees. Shut off oven and went to bed. When we woke up this morning.... Glass every where. We rent to I called maintance to repair. If they try to charge us for repair, rest asure I will be taking this up with GE. I saw a video of this older lady that had the same stove as us and they try to make her pay for repairs and she took it up with the media and for it replaced for free.
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
November 23, 2012 05:05AM
What a Thanksgiving 2012 we have had!

Our GE Profile (purchased 2 1/2 yrs ago) has an unusable oven now, due to the fact that the interior oven glass shattered as does a car's windshield in a bad accident! No noise, no "bang". Our adult daughter noticed that there was something wrong when she walked into the kitchen and looked toward the door. The oven light was on, and she asked "What's wrong with your oven? It looks shattered!" Alarmed, I walked toward the stove and stared in disbelief: There was a rather interesting design, almost like shattered caramelized sugar. I opened the door and we both gasped at what we saw: The interior glass had a gaping irregular "hole" where glass had once been, and the lace-like shattered glass had evidently burst and gone into the oven itself, scattered all over the oven floor Frightened, I closed the door and turned off the oven. Quite honestly I was aghast. I have NEVER in all of my 43 years of married life and having used anything from Whirpool to GE have I EVER seen anything like this.

Well, I had done all of the baking of breads/desserts, etc yesterday, so I had had the oven set to 350ºF because I had baked the sweet potato dish for 45 minutes. I had removed the dish and was getting ready to place our nearly 22 lb turkey into the oven. THANK GOODNESS that neither the potato dish nor the bird had been inside the oven when the glass shattering occurred! Glass was all over the oven floor, and more pieces continued to break off and fall. And there were tiny pieces that had fallen out and onto the tiled floor right in front of the stove/oven. The floor was carefully cleared so that no one could get hurt (we are a no-shoes-in-the-house family).

We had a meal to prepare, so while my husband got on the phone to Sears (where we had made the purchase), my daughter and I pulled out a table top electric oven so that we could save the day. Yes, we cooked the big turkey inside that oven, but it did not come out as it would have within my now useless GE oven. Last year's turkey had been incredible. This year's was not browned and falling apart. We had to cut off the breast halves and brown them in my Oster convection oven/toaster, but it came out a bit dry.

We figured that this situation had to have occurred to other people, so my husband went online and discovered that we were right. We are aghast that this problem has been known since 2002 and yet the manufacturer of the glass and the various brands within which these glass doors exist, has not felt the ethical and moral obligation to send a RECALL notice to customers?? No, I guess not --- that would cost them money! Thankfully, no one was hurt today. And we did not allow the problem to interfere with our family's day. But everyone has eaten, given thanks for our blessings, and now my husband and I will be contacting Consumer Reports, which is based right here in the county where we live. The situation cannot be allowed to continue. Somewhere along the line, someone will get hurt, and the outcome could indeed be quite serious injuries.

I used to love my GE Profile induction oven. Now I am uncomfortable using the stove top, wondering what else could go wrong. After all, the stove top is glass as well! And even if the door were replaced, we are sure that tiny or larger pieces must have been projected into the area of the convection fan. Would I want to chance having tiny specs of glass go onto cookies, etc., to be ingested unknowingly? No! And since there have been other customers with similar situations, perhaps we should all consider a Class Action Suit against the glass manufacturer, and the companies that have permitted the installation of what has been known to be a recurring, serious problem.

Our daughter took fotos and posted them and the events on Twitter. I am too tired tonight to view the many responses that have already been received. But I am determined that this dangerous (and expensive!) problem will not continue unheeded, unaddressed.

Sears told my husband to call back tomorrow, to speak with the Service Dept. We will be doing that, as well as communicating with GE, and Consumers Report offices.
What a day! confused smiley
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
November 26, 2012 01:19AM
We have all GE kitchen products, electric glass top stove and oven. SAME Thing just happened to me today. 11.25.12.
Made lunch for the kids (chx nuggets) heated to 400 degrees - cooking finished, took items out, served lunch - 10min later I heard a sound like the toaster springs pop or something fell off in another room. Walk back into the kitchen and the door is crackled / shattered. It's Sunday so we'll call the service # located on the inside LH bottom corner next to the make and model tomorrow and see what the deal is. Unit is just under 2 years old (or installed). Our model is JB640DP1BB.
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
November 26, 2012 01:58AM
THe exact same thing happened to our GE stove a week ago today. I used it earlier in the day for 1/2 hr but it was off for quite some time and well cool, when we returned home last Sunday evening. What a shock we got to see glass everywhere and no door in our oven. Thank God our dog was penned in the porch and that our cats were not harmed.
We have been trying all week to get some satisfaction from GE. only to be told we'd have to pay for a replacement door.
THis is totally unfair! I told them about all the other people that had it happen to them.....their response, "you can't believe everything you read online!" I am so angry and wouldn't recommend GE to anyone!! Crappy cusitmer service, to say the least!
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
November 29, 2012 03:38AM
I acccidentally broke the glass on my oven door.

We don't have the money to replace the whole darned oven.

But I was wondering, in futile hope, if there was a way if we could replace the glass. Because I'm not going to just sit around and accept this. I need to find a way to FIX this mess.
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
December 22, 2012 04:00AM
I know you all are talking about wall ovens and slide-ins, but go ahead and add the GE Profile OTR Convection Oven/Microwave combo to list of exploding glass.

I've got PVM1790SRSS, installed 6 days ago by Home Depot. Tonight's use was only the 4th use of the unit. I was pre-heating the oven to .... wait for it..... a whole 375 degrees and POP goes the interior glass. I've never even used microwave function - just the Convection Bake.

I'm thankful it was just the interior and I'm really thankful my chef friends talked me out of the Cafe one of these by dispelling the whole True/Euro Convection thing. And, also, I feel for those of you who had the glass blow on the Cafe range - thanks for sharing that they do. That was going to be my next purchase in the Spring w/ the remodel. Not anymore!

And GE is going to take a week to fix it. moody smiley It makes me wonder how long it will last. I pointed out that it's brand new and I really hope I don't have to make a habit of talking to them.

Think I can get them to replace the cheap plastic handle on the thing, too? eye rolling smiley
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
December 30, 2012 04:04AM
My glass door just shattered after cooking at 425 for only 25 minutes and the oven door outside glass shattered as I gently closed it. While sweeping up the glass I found a spring on the ground that had apparently belonged inside the oven door hinge. So my theory is that the piece of metal holding the spring in the hinge had given way and shot through the glass. This should be covered by a recall, but the reputable company GE obviously don't see exploding glass to be a hazard.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 12/30/2012 04:07AM by Waynehead.
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
January 10, 2013 02:42AM
I see I have plenty of company, I just got finished using the oven to bake chicken and had finished. I cut the oven off and was eating dinner with my 2 sons when I heard a pop. I went to investigate the noise and observed my inner oven door glass had completely shattered!
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
January 17, 2013 12:55AM
I have a built in, double GE electric ovev. Two years ago the glass door in my top oven shattered. Although I contacted the company, I was told that GE was not responsible for the replacement and installation costs. We were able to get the part and had the new glass installed. The cost was aroung $300. During Thanksgiving of 2012 when we had 22 people for dinner and was using both ovens, the glass in the bottom oven shattered and glass sprayed all over the food. Thank goodness it did not spray out into the kitchen because seven young children were there that day and they were in and out of the kitchen all day. This time I learned that the glass is no longer being made. BE has discontinued making the oven and I cannot find the glass to replace the shattered piece anywhere. I always have had such a high opinion for GE. The people I have spoken to (at least five or six) don't believe GE has any responsibility for these two incidents.
:Re: GE glass oven door shattered January 17, 2013
January 18, 2013 04:51PM
Sort of glad to hear I'm not alone, although I don't think it's going to make much difference. On our GE stove the INSIDE door blew up, scattering glass all over the inside of the oven and sending some outside through the space between the main oven door and the lower broiler door. No one was in the kitchen when it happened, so I know no one bumped it or hit it with anything. The oven is gas. It was set at 375 and there was a covered dish inside for about 10 minutes before it blew. My partner was in the shower, I was in the den with our cat and three dogs. We heard a loud crash and immediately the cat went to hide while the dogs and I went up to the front of the house to see if someone had broken a window tying to break in. When I went past the kitchen I noticed small pieces of glass on the floor, so put the dogs outside while I checked it out. The front of the oven looked like a broken car window. When I opened the oven door a lot of glass pieces fell out, and inside the oven is still full of glass. I called GE and gave them the model number and explained what happened to a very surly young woman who had no intention of helping me with this problem. I said I wanted a new door, I could lift the bad door out and slide a new door in over the hinges. Ms. Thing said that was not likely as a door is comprised of 90 parts. I told her I did not want to build a door, I wnated one already assembled. Thepoint of that remark flew past her like a missle. I have a service call in to Sears (that's where I bought this piece of crap less than 5 years ago) and they are supposed to send someone out next week. I have no confidence that the service person will be able to get all the bits of glass that fell though the bottom of the oven onto and past the broiler pan under the oven. Now knowing how prevelant this is I'm thinking I need an attorney more than a service call. There is a web site called rip, I think it is in our best interest if we all post on the same day. I will confirm the site address and post it as a reply to all the posts on thi site. This is the address:[]

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 01/18/2013 05:00PM by Paul L.
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
February 16, 2013 07:16PM
I had my oven glass shatter on Jan 1, 2013. This was the outside glass. I had used the stove about 10 mins before and we were actually getting ready to eat when I was standing next to it, my two year old was about 2 ft from it and it shattered into a million pieces. We later find out that the glass was faulty and there was no way it was our fault, the temperature and such doesn't affect the outside glass. Over a month later I still have no resolution to this problem. They say it isn't their fault, the oven is 2 yrs old so its not under warranty and they will replace it for almost $500. Hah! How about I just buy a new stove?! So I have been fighting with them, finally got them to give it to me free when I find out that the Case worker that is working on this for me was lying and it isn't free.. it will cost me over $300 to fix it (after the parts are "free"winking smiley. I called my case worker back and she has yet to call me back or respond to my emails. I informed them that I will make sure and spread the word to never buy from GE again and that is what I am doing. I will be going Monday to buy a new stove and spread the word to everyone I know and every website I find that GE is a terrible company and they are lucky it didnt hurt my two year old or there would have been some serious problems for them.
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
February 25, 2013 06:52PM
My GE Profile Wall oven door shattered, exploded after using the self cleaning cycle. NEVER SEEN ANYTHING HAPPEN LIKE THAT IN MY LIFE!! I was standing next to it and started hearing crackling noises and it shattered into a million pieces. I called GE, and the first person said that they wouldn't do anything, then transferred to a "consumer advocate" who said that they would send someone out and that it was, his words, a safety hazard, the guy came out and guess what he did? He covered it with duct tape and said that they didn't carry the replacement glass anymore. I called GE and they said that since it was 10 years old they don't carry that part anymore, I think they don't carry this part because it is absolutely defective. Now I am waiting to see if they will do anything- they may replace it or "give me a discount" (F you) on a new piece of garbage. This should be recalled and they should take responsibility. Where are the lawyers???? Class action lawsuit
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
February 27, 2013 01:47PM
Last week I turned on my self cleaning oven (GE Profile double wall oven) and went to work, when I got home I was standing about 6 inches from it talking to my son, when I heard a loud pop and then popping and crackling. We both watched it shatter and basically explode. I called GE and went from one department to another. They initially called it a "health and safety hazard" (and that guy was "coached" that this is wrong) sent someone out who was very nasty. His solution, he borrowed my duct tape and taped it. GE not only takes no responsibility, they acknowledge that this is an appliance that "fails" (Their words) and will do nothing. In fact they infer that it is the fault of the consumer. ("Did you abuse your appliance?"winking smiley This piece of glass was also used in the same Kenmore oven. It was discontinued, which is suspicious, they have an excuse for that. In fact they have propaganda and excuses for all of this. Eventually they referred it to the legal department who sent me a short, nasty email saying that they would do nothing. In fact it was a personal assault. The whole thing has been personal. GE does not stand behind their knowingly defective products and they would not even disclose the manufacturer (GE) or its properties to me. Very very suspicious. They know that this product is defective, dangerous, and should have been recalled. They told me that "it is perfectly normal" for it to explode and it performed admirably. (I guess it ddin't kill anyone, but I did step on glass which was enbedded in my foot) GE is a rotten company. Should be a class action lawsuit and the cover up is extensive-very cloak and dagger because they know it.
We bought new GE stove oven
March 02, 2013 12:03AM
We are sure, next, ours will explode, too. The window in the door looks like it has something in it. Tried self-cleaning. That did nothing for it. Tried cleaning it inside, of no use. Tried cleaning outside, also of no use. The burners put the oil in pans off to one-side. Impossible to cook with really. Now, less than a year old and now the thing has a red light on the back, on. It is like it has a burner on. The switch must be bad now, because I moved the eye from the front right to the rear left and that did nothing for it. To turn it off to keep from having a fire, now, we go to the Switch Box and cut-off the electricity to the GE piece of junk.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 03/02/2013 12:06AM by Thomas Brown.
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
March 02, 2013 06:01PM
Reference above Feb 27th incident (I was anonymous). GE takes no responsibility for this "failed" product (their words, though they tried to retract this statement). They said it was a "health and safety hazard" (their words). and it CERTAINLY IS. We found a replacement part (produced by GE under another part number, same item) I still do not know the properties of the original part and they "lawyered up" when I started asking questions about who manufactured it, where, and when? Same part (same number) as the defective KENMORE glass, which was also produced by GE. We found the part and are now trying to do the replacement. This garbage, the glass that shattered is the most dangerous destructive junk I have ever seen. We both has many many cuts on our fingers from having to deal with it. I don't know what it is made out of but regular tempered glass never does this- it is in a million shards and is sticky. I reported this to the CPSA and they said that since they acknowledged that it is a health and safety hazard that they should be responsible. You know if I were that lawyers parents I would be SO ashamed of her. How do you live with yourself? There is no more dangerous product on the market right now.
Anonymous User
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
March 07, 2013 04:35AM
Omg same thing happen to my stove oven door and I have had it in my storage since I bought it not sure how much a oven door glass would cost OR if they even sold them anywhere I have been using an old used stove a friend gave me is there anything that can be done I didn't know I wasn't the only one they should do a recall on all stoves with oven glass doors
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
March 13, 2013 04:36AM
Our new GE slate collection oven did the same thing! The house is for sale and looking beautiful with never used brand new GE Slate appliances and after it was shown to new buyers today, they reported that the inside oven glass was shattered. GE gets my call tomorrow but everyone should know that this is known to happen with these ovens and GE will hopefully do the right thing and stand behind their products. I will post their response-here and wherever else anyone will listen.
Anonymous User
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Re: GE glass oven door shattered
March 20, 2013 09:03PM
For all those people whom buy GE products are finding out how GE takes care of products, I have had several products and have been taken thru the cleaner by GE. GE has had alot of problems with produces and blowen them off. If you feel you have a claim and not getting any where I would look into class action law suit.
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
May 13, 2013 06:57AM
My wife and I bought a GE Profile stainless steel double wall oven from Sears just a couple of months...convection oven on top and thermal oven below. We cooked a roast at 350 degrees for close to 3 hours and then I removed the roast from the top oven. After I removed it I asked my wife to close the oven door and turn off the oven. Before she could even do that, the glass in the top oven suddenly exploded and shattered sending pieces of glass all over. We never experienced anything like this ever before with any oven we ever owned.

It was triple pane glass and it was the center or middle pane that exploded and shattered. My wife had noticed specks inside the oven door glass after the wall oven was installed. She had called Sears to report it but never thought that the glass could suddenly pop and shatter all over the place.

I am very disappointed with Sears over this. It is even more disappointing to learn that this wall oven glass shattering problem is not anything new but reportedly has been going on for a number of years. Just take notice of all the complaints in this thread. It is reprehensible that GE and Sears would keep marketing this dangerously defective product.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 05/13/2013 07:25AM by Irishking23.
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
July 04, 2016 04:59AM
We have had our GE Self Cleaning oven for two years. Today I set it to self clean and within an hour the window shattered. This seems to be a problem with the GE Ovens that has been going on a long time. I can't believe they have not taken care of this defect. There should be a class action suit. I have to look into this.
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
July 31, 2016 01:12AM
I have a GE double oven range that is 15 years old, and just recently the inner glass on the larger oven broke. It didn't fall out as some of these users have commented, but it did crack on its own. The oddity of this is that I had used the oven the day before without incident, went to bed and when I went to use it the next day, saw the cracked glass. Nothing hit it, nothing was dropped on it, the self-cleaner wasn't in use (although I used it several days before), etc.
There are several YouTube videos on how to replace broken oven glass. If the cost of repairs is too high, i.e. more than 3 percent of the cost of the range, we may do it ourselves.
Re: GE glass oven door shattered
November 11, 2017 09:42PM
Well, we are joining this group now that our GE Profile Gas slide in range with two small double ovens - top oven inner glass exploded about 2 hours into the cleaning cycle on Nov 10, 2017.

The top oven door has triple pane glass and it was the center or middle pane that exploded and shattered. How and why does this happen?

Our oven is a little over a year old. I was told the manufacture warranty has expired and a diaonostic appointment is $89.00.

We have an appointment on Nov 17, 2017.
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