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Toaster Oven issue

Posted by John 
Toaster Oven issue
October 27, 2009 02:31AM
I was reading your web page on the exploding toaster ovens, just thought I may post a few things to help you in your research.

I have a 357 toastmaster and I've used it hundreds of times over the last 5 years, no issues to date, but ill be sure to keep my grenade vest handy. Thought with all the complaints I saw I wondered if I was the only lucky SOB with a working oven. Perhaps there's something specific about its position, use, etc. that causes them to explode. Judging form the complaints it is probably something very common that causes the catastrophic failure, in which case its an unsafe product even if the root cause was some sort of common user error or environmental effect.

One more thing, look up some nearby HVAC training centers or universities with electrical engineering technology degree programs and keep an eye on them or get a contact for their program coordinators. I am a Biomedical Tech and I'm quite ahead of my peers so I was invited to do an independent research project for my director. I would have LOVED to put a lab together and run some tests on a bunch of ovens and do everything I could to simulate what happened to you, but unfortunately it doesn't quite relate to my field of study. My thought is you could find someone who IS related to toaster ovens and in the same independent research program that I am. It would be good to try and find out exactly what causes these explosions, so that if the manufacturer chooses to remain ignorant (the obvious profitable choice) then at least consumers can be educated about the product. Good luck finding a toaster oven that isn't a WMD.

Re: Toaster Oven issue
March 12, 2011 07:11PM
My mother in-law had a toastmaster toaster oven model 316A for, I am not sure how many years, I gues 3 yrs. She gave me the toaster oven
and warned it get hot to touch and i thought she meant the inside, duh. I was wrong it is the whol body that gets hot period.
I only used the toaster oven 4 times in 3 years, so , I guess that makes the model 316A 6 yearsold. I am trying to convince my husband to throw it out before there is a fire, he just wouldn't here it and thinks it is fine plus he leave it plugged in, I go and unplug it asap. I don't trust something that gets hot quick. I haven't had the door explode yet, and don't want to find out either.
I thought small appliances are supose to have a cool touch exterior. All I can say, " Toastmaster is a very cheap product and dangerous, never once thinking of the safety of the consumers". common guys your making amarica look bad withyour 'made in the USA product.'
Re: Toaster Oven issue
March 12, 2011 07:19PM
I apologize I thought The toaster oven model316A is 6 years old.., upon closer inspection it is more klike 13 plus mother in-law gave it to me 3 years ago so it is now 16yrs old. I hope this thing stops working all together.
My husband only uses it 4 times in three years and I think it is a waste of space for something that rarely gets used.
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