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Re: Indigo children
October 04, 2008 12:15AM
Please read this with an open mind.If you have already decided to turn away from something you don't understand, please,please,please, don't read this.

Hi, i can understand your scrutiny on this topic, .... but, isn't this a little too far? calling us 'liars' with the cards and 'spoon bending' fakes.
Look, What would YOU do If your child came up to you one day when thay are four years old and tell you this? " You are soooo much better than my other mommy. She died when I was eight. My daddy also died. Something was wrong with the milk from our cow... snake weed, I think." and went on and on and on. So, you think, 'I need to check out some of this info.' you check with your elderly mother to find that most of the information your kid told you, you had no idea about. ( you need a key to unlock a lantern, one room schoolhouse,) Your 4 year old even told you about the birth of the her two children, her childhood of being an orfan, She even told you about her life as a Ghost Dancer. And Her 'Home'
This was me. these are my memories. I am telling the truth. You can choose wether to believe me or call me a liar. Either way, please see the soul of those around you, not the mere shell covering them.
love, pass it on,
indigoo kid smiling smiley

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Re: Indigo Children
January 04, 2010 03:05AM
If you look at the history of the world -- from the stone age through the conceptual age you can see that humanity is indeed evolving. It is plausible that children are being born with new mental abilities. It is no more preposterous than the belief that the world was created in 7 days! In fact, it is more probable. I thank you for taking a closer look at Twyman and uncovering what appears to be a money making scheme. But that shouldn't stop folks from digging deeper into this phenomenon. I do believe we are poised for another evolutionary leap. There are many folks who experience psychic phenomena, e.g., pick up peoples thoughts, see the aura, predict events that are going to happen, and converse with other beings. I am one of them. Dr. Elizabeth Kubler Ross in her ground breaking book "On Death and Dying" chronicles the paranormal experiences of children dying in Nazi concentration camps. It prooves without a doubt that there is an afterlife. And if there is an afterlife, perhaps our mission on Earth is to evolve to a certain point where we can become "universal beings." Maybe it's like Men in Black... when what's his name, J, opens the locker and there are a bunch of little furry creatures living in it thinking they are the center of the universe and hailing K and J. In MIB II, J discovers he too is living in a locker! Just a bigger locker.
Re: Indigo children
February 22, 2008 06:48PM
I think most humans suffer from faulty mental reasoning. It's accepted that we should wait to have sex, drive, and drink alcohol until older. But the decision to believe in gods is forced upon most children while the brain is still developing.

I doubt most children would find sense in a perfect, loving, omnipotent being who created imperfect, weak beings only to punish them for it. Most people can agree that it is abhorrent for a mother to favor one child over another, yet they accept that god could favor one group of people over all the other humans HE created and even order his chosen favorites to kill other groups of people (and their children and their livestock- what did those animals ever do?).

Telling a child the sky is blue, the earth is round, but invisible god is real (yet those people's gods over there aren't real or right) damages mental reasoning ability from the start of their lives. And once you buy into one type of hogwash, you're prone to buy others. We have a society of adults who cling to fantasies instead of simple reasoning. Some do this on their way to deprogramming themselves (god, different god, new age, agnostic, freethinker/atheist). Others cling to fantasy their entire life and spread it to their children.

It all comes down to taking the blue pill or the red one! yawning smiley)

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