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Exploding Kenmore glass oven door

Posted by Stacey K 
My glass didn't explode out... but last night on my Kenmore Elite Model 790.78302011, the glass on the inside of the door shattered while we were using the "Self-Clean" mode. When my wife called sears, they told her that this happens commonly and that some people are just told not to use the "Self-Clean" function... THIS IS ABSURD! $1,600 range and I'm being told not to use one of the functions...
Same thing happened to me, big shards of glass found inside of oven, never buy this again, very dangerous. Now I have a GE profile range and the glass on top cracked all the way to the back on top of the stove, these glass stoves are no good at all. They may look nice but extremely unreliable!!
My wife decided to make use of our fresh blueberries by baking a pan of blueberry muffins for breakfast today! I was just out of the shower when she rushed into the bedroom with a worried look and, in a shaky voice asked me if I could come look at what happened. The outer, black glass panel of our Kenmore kitchen electric stove oven door was all over our kitchen floor!

My first thought was if the muffins suffered but, no, they were already just right! Hot, lightly browned and ready to eat! While enjoying the moment of hot coffee with her aromatic hot bluebarry muffins, i went to Google for information on Sears exploding oven door glass. I opened a @#$%& BOX!! For at least five years of customer complaints, after reading of too many shattering tempered glass doors to number, I've found no satisfactory explanation as to why and, almost no Customer Care from Sears. There's NOTHING to do with Warranty on a structural part not subject to wear, this is a reflection on factory quality product. Sears offers quality as a base marketing objective and, as so, must take responsibility for quality failure.

It seems strange that with so many years of valid complaints of defective tempered glass doors, that this defect still continues - I can remember many decades back when vehicle door glass changed from the laminated panels to tempered glass and, in the early years, they also failed unexpectedly but, the market complaints demanded a cure and, very soon afterward, the problem was forever fixed. Pyrex is also an example of tempered glass, far superior in heat and impact resistance. Why should oven glass still fail after gaining all this experience?

The reasons why no enterprising lawyer or law firm has not pursued this further, escapes my opinion of sound reasoning.
We bought our Kenmore electric range 4-2-08. The outside glass shattered today, after I had just got home from the store and shut the door. This of course scared the crap out of me, but I was relieved that I had left my 2 daughters (ages 2 and 4) in the garage while bringing in groceries. My kids play in the kitchen all of the time, so I am glad this didnt happen while they were in there.

I was just wondering if anyone has went ahead and still used their oven, even with the outside glass missing. Please post if you have, I'm not sure if it would be safe to or not. We can't really afford to replace this right now, so I'm not sure what the best thing to do is.

I will never buy another Kenmore oven after this or and oven that has a glass door.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
August 19, 2011 04:02PM
Just happened to me last night. Door was shattered to pieces with my teenage daughter close-by. Buying an oven with no glass door sounds like a great idea.
I bought a Kenmore Gas range model 790 series in 2008. I called a friend over to see what I could do about cleaning the outside door glass after I had spilled milk that worked it's way inside the door between the outside & inside glass. He showed me how to remove the two screws on the top which seperated the two door halves giving me access to clean the glass. Almost immediately when my hand touched the glass with a wet paper towel and liquid dish detergent the glass exploded shattering into a million pieces covering 3 rooms!!! I also got cut on my hand requiring it to be bandaged to stop the bleeding (I'm extremely fortunate it wasn't my eyes). I retrospect I wish I would have taken pictures because the only resolution Sears provided to me was to charge me $28 for a new glass replacement which my friend is very reluctant now to replace after our experience. I refuse to pay their outrageous service fees for what is obviousl a terrible safety hazzard that should have been recalled years ago. I got the same answer from their customer service that most people on this blog got, "GEE I NEVER HEARD OF THAT HAPPENING BEFORE BUT WE'RE SORRY". I can't understand how so many people can experience the same dangerous situation yet Sears claim it's a fluke and our govt officials and the attorney general haven't done something by now. That's a perfect example how corporate America is screwing the public once again. I hate to say this but I know that they will only act when something really catastrophic happens, like a child getting severly injured or worse.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
August 27, 2011 08:24PM
WOW!!!!!!!!!! My door just exploded and can't believe my son who was standing two feet away did not get cut! The glass flew fifteen feet down to th eright, left and straigh forward! On the phone with Sears who told ne to call Whirlpool as they manufacture for Sears. Long story short I got the run around from 7 different people between Sears and Whirlpool with not one person gave me any good advise or reason. I asked if there was a re-call and they all said they did not know but have never heard of this probem! DONE WITH SEARS!!!!!!!!!!!![
Peggy D.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
September 03, 2011 05:37PM
9/2/11 The same thing happened to me. I walk passed the oven on my way to work and the door exploded and glass everywhere. I had not used my oven in a week. So far Sears has not returned my call.
Peggy Dillard
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
September 03, 2011 05:39PM
9/2/11 The same thing happened to me. I walk passed the oven on my way to work and the door exploded and glass everywhere. I had not used my oven in a week. So far Sears has not returned my call.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
September 09, 2011 09:32PM
This happened to us last night with our Kenmore. In the broil mode.... I heard a loud crack sound, flipped on the light, looked through the front glass and saw the huge crack... I opened the over door up and the inside glass was cracked.... it continued to crack after we turned off the oven.
The same think just happened to our Kenmore oven door. No one hurt but there could have been. Stove was at 350 degrees baking banana bread. Haven't checked the model or s/n yet as the clean up is still in progress. Glancing over these posts I do not see reference to any reasonable redress from Sears. Has that changed? The stove was already here in our ohana when we bought the house about year and a half ago. I had already come to learn that Sears was to be avoided at all costs in any sort of significant purchase.

Thatcher Deane in Makawao HI.
Re: Exploding GE glass oven door
September 15, 2011 04:19PM
This happened to us the other night while my wife and I were watching television. ours is a GE range and we had glass all over the kitchen.
It seems this is quite common occurence a nd you would think that the companies would do something about it.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
September 16, 2011 01:24AM
The same thing just happened to me!!! I bought my range in 2009. Model # 970-678431.

Sears is sending a technician and thankfully my local store was kind enough to cover the service call but she noted, we would have to pay for any quoted repairs.
Last week, this same oven caught fire. It was engulfed in flames and I had to use the fire extinguisher.

I called Sears in 2009 just months after having it and complained that the self-cleaning seemed way too hot to me. It peeled the laminate off my counter at the end and it was burning hot to touch all over. It seemed to radiate heat and I was afraid it was going to burn the wall. I clean in manually now...
The model and serial number of our Kenmore with exploding oven door on the 12th (see post above) was



Does anyone know if replacement doors are any more reliable than the original?

BTW: We are not using the oven in the meantime since 1) I think it is a safety risk to have just the inner door present (hot surface and risk of breakage of the inner glass and 2) I don't want the extra expense of running the oven without the front door as an insulation barrier.

Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
September 20, 2011 05:37PM
I also had this happen twice on my Kenmore model #79-787-334-01 (7873). The first time the warranty covered it, but the second time I was told it was from misuse. I bought the glass and installed it myself. I also found out the first service tech listed my stove as "been abused" The first time it happened the stove was less than 6 months old and the second time it was 4 years old. I got no satisfaction from Sears the second time and have vowed I will never buy another Sears product. We were also lucky in that both times the glass exploded nobody was within the kitchen. The second time I had just walked out of the kitchen. At one time you could not beat a Sears Kenmore, but in the last 20 years they have sold nothing but poorly crafted junk!
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
September 23, 2011 12:14AM
Our oven door just exploded this afternoon! My teenage son was home and called me saying he heard a loud crash and could hear the glass popping. Very updsetting, not to mention the mess to clean up and the cost to replace. We purchased the oven in 2006, so a 5 year old oven like many have mentioned. Strange thing to happen. I am very surprised that a recall has not been made on these glass oven doors!
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
September 26, 2011 02:56AM
Wow! This just happened to us thankfully my 1 year old had just got up and walked to the other side of the kitchen. The glass shattered everywhere! I called the home warranty company and they said that they do not cover this, I called Sears and they made me feel like no one in America has ever had this problem. Interestingly like some of the other request, I was cooking Cornbread Casserole I didn't know if it had something to do with the yeast I've always baked dinner rolls, bread, and cookies!!! This is crazy quite frankly I dont know if I should buy anything from sears or anything from Kennmore!!!!
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
September 29, 2011 07:52PM
it did last you over a year. it lasted you over 13 months. thats why sears offers protection agreements so you will be protected if anything goes wrong. duh.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
October 02, 2011 08:01PM
My wife and I were awakened suddenly last night by the sound of glass shattering downstairs and came down to discover thousands of shards of glass all over the kitchen floor. Yup...a Kenmore stove, purchased from Sears Canada.
Our stove is still under warranty, but I share the above concerns about the dangers associated with these stoves. We have four little children, and they wander in and out of the kitchen all the time.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
October 08, 2011 05:42PM
Thanks for this info, everyone. This just happened to our Kenmore oven yesterday, and I was ready to start believing in poltergeists. I was going to look into replacing the glass, but now I think I'll just dump the thing.
Re: Exploding Kenmore Oven
October 16, 2011 05:59AM
Tonight, I was going to do some baking and did the normal thing of preheating the oven to 350 degrees. As I was waking away to grab something in the basement freezer, my husband yelled my name because there was a loud zapping noise and the oven turned so red inside. Something exploded inside, not the glass door. I immediately unplug it and checked inside. The above element on the left side has been burnt. I have never experienced anything like this. This is a glass top range and I think I will be going back to the coil one. Does anyone have any idea what had happened? I plugged it again and now even the stove tops are not working.
Today, My kenmore oven did the same thing. Front glass exploded 2 feet onto the floor when noone was around. Got the same run around that Stacey K was talking about and the woman helping me has never heard of this. They did offer me some off the part but thats it.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
October 21, 2011 05:21AM
This happened to us three days ago with our Frigidaire Gallery Double oven. It is 9 years old and "they do not make the part anymore". So I am stuck with a black double oven with the top outer piece of glass missing. I have been on the phone with five different people and they have "searched everywhere" for the 135.00 part. No luck. We had just returned home when this happened, had not used the oven in days and the oven was off when it happened. We had glass everywhere. I had to stand in one spot and wait for my husband to get home so I could move. I had some much glass in my hair I had to stand and shake my head so it would all fall out. It took over an hour to clean it up and we are still finding glass in our living room, kitchen and dinning room. Needless to say, their suggestion to me is "replace the oven". The oven works fine. A new one is 900.00. I want the piece of glass. Went to two custom glass places today and they cannot make a black piece to go on the oven. I am so upset!
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
October 23, 2011 10:45PM
Oct 23, 2011.
This just happened to us (Kenmore stove, 4 years old)! My wife and I have the same concerns about safety and frustration with Sears. They were no help, but of course, tried to sell us a $500 warranty!
I also had a Kenmore stove door to exploded, at least that is what my tenant is telling me and I believe her. She told to check the internet to see if other users have complained about doors exploding, I find they have.
Is anyone using their Kenmore stove with just the front insulation only? If so what have happen? I am not able to buy a door right now.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
October 25, 2011 11:34PM
Last night, (10/24/11) our Maytag oven front exploded just as the rest of you have described. It was the freakiest thing. I'm worried because we just moved in almost 2 months ago, and explaining this to our landlord is not going to be easy. Any advice? Thanks.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
October 27, 2011 02:54AM
Less than 2 years ago my mom bought a $1,500 Kenmore oven and on 10/24/11 the glass door exploded. Unfortunately I already knew that Sears would be of no help, we have experienced this with the appliances we purchased in the past (not the same oven issue). When she called Sears today first she was "somehow" disconnected, then when she called back they said they could send out a service person at a charge of course to see what the issue was..... um.... The glass is blown out of the door. Sears owes me $85.00 for my services.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
November 03, 2011 01:43AM
Bought our Kenmore Stainless Steel, glass top range model 790.97453804 in December 2009. Our friend/tennant opened the oven door, and the outer glass in the door shattered. (Obviously it's a defect, otherwise how does that happen from gently opening the door?) She was injured, but very thankful her 2 year old son was not in the kitchen. Haven't even gotten 2 years out of our nearly top of the line Kenmore appliance. Contacted Sears, got the run around from 3 different departments- apparently, it doesn't matter if you drop nearly $1400 on an appliance, or if someone is injured from a defect, if you don't have the "extended warranty," you might as well forget about getting any real help. Everything costs money, either you can purchase an extended warranty now (of one year), or you can pay out the wazzoo for someone to come and look at it to see what went wrong, replace the glass & then severely overcharge for labor. My question is- why should you have to purchase a warranty- if you're spending good money on an appliance, they should STAND BY THEIR PRODUCT. Then they had the audacity to offer me a free consultation for a kitchen remodel we are considering for our house. I had to ask her if she was serious- like I would even consider getting another appliance from Sears after going through all this. She said it was their way of apologizing. Whatever. We used to be Kenmore all the way, but you can bet your bottom dollar that we will not be purchasing ANY appliances from Sears in the future. There should be a recall, and after seeing so many complaints on this site, I can't figure out why nothing is being done.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
November 08, 2011 10:54PM
Our daughter experienced this same thing with her Kenmore oven just last niight. Lucky that it didn't hurt anyone. She said it blew glass at least 5 feet away. She's usually in shorts but lucky for her, she was in Jeans at the time or her legs would have been cut. Sear (Kenmore) needs to do something about this before they get sued for injuries to someone and it could be a small child loosing their sight because glass was blown into their eyes. One possible reason for this happening could be that the glass is making is lacking proper inspection where it made.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
November 09, 2011 07:52PM
Same thing happened to my range. Also the same run around. Not only that but they do not offer the glass alone anymore, you need to purchase the entire door.??? I wonder why?? I'm also going to write to the Consumer Safety commission. My 9 year old Grandaughter was standing about 8 feet away when it happened and the glass just missed her thank God.
Tyler Slawson
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
November 10, 2011 12:48AM
Guess it happens to the Frigidaire models as well. Last night I had the oven on 350 for 30 mins cooking dinner and boom! The outer glass door panel exploded and blew glass all over the kitchen and counters. It blew with such force it bounced glass off the fridge five feet across the kitchen and back another 10 feet into the dining room. I'm so thankful no one was standing in front on it! This oven was purchased in 2004. People need to be warned before someone gets seriously hurt!
You can add yet another victim to the list. We are renting a very nice house with very nice appliances and the Kenmore oven cracked on the inside. I initially thought we did something wrong but it does look like the product is in fact defective. I am not sure if I should bite the bullet and buy the owner a new oven or just replace the glass that will obviously break again due to poor manufacturing. If I do replace the glass (I will not pay $125 to come her to tell me the glass is broken so I can pay another $200 for him to fix it if I can purchase the glass for $79 + shipping...however, if I do replace the glass, what else should I replace to ensure this does not happen again at least until my lease is up in 15 months!
This is crazy! This happend to my oven a couple of months ago. My 13 year old was home alone and called me to tell me what happend. I feel so bad, until know I was blamming and telling everyone my son brike it. confused smiley
Donna S.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
November 27, 2011 11:13PM
Well add another to the long list. This just happened to our 3 year old Kenmore. Scared the heck out of my boys. They were baking some bread but luckily nobody was in the kitchen when it happened. Seems like it might be time to take this up another notch with Sears / GE (which I think this model is). My first inclination was to have the door replaced but it sounds like this something that is just going to happen again. A "top of the line" stove shouldn't be doing this!
The glass on my oven door shattered two days ago. This is Kenmore oven and it was exactly 1 year old to the day I first used it! I had used the oven a couple of hours earlier and had some company over - one guest was leaning on the oven door with his hands in his pocket and he slipped and slid down the front of the oven. When his head cleared the handle it bounced a little on the oven door and the whole thing just shattered. We all we very worried about our friend but seeing it happen couldn't understand why it happened because he didn't hit hard. Now that I see so many of these have broken without anyone even being in the room its a wonder this didn't happen sooner. I haven't called Sears yet and I'm in Canada so I'm hoping to get a better response from Sears... but I'm not holding my breath.
I used the "self-cleaning" on my so-called Ulra bake self cleaning oven and the inside glass in cracked..What the heck?
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
December 03, 2011 05:14PM
This happened to my Kenmore oven in the summer of 2011. It was Kenmore model 79047849406. The glass door suddently exploded violently. These glass doors for ovens should be taken off the market. The legal liability is too high for Sears, and a customer could wind up blind from all of the flying glass. It's going to be a lawsuit someday. I wonder if this happens with other manufacturer's who make ovens with glass doors, or if it's just glass doors for Kenmore ovens?
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
December 06, 2011 07:42AM
Another victim! The outer glass of My kenmore model 79007453804 oven just exploded. I am still in shock because it had not been in use for at least twelve hour. My son was standing close to it. Any class action suit?
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