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Exploding Kenmore glass oven door

Posted by Stacey K 
Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
October 01, 2007 07:52PM
Since none of the companies I have listed below seemed to care. I thought I would write this so it is on the net. I hope this saves a consumer in the future from getting hurt.

On the night of 9/29/07 we heard a loud crashing sound come from the kitchen. My 11 year old daughter began to yell from the living room. When we reached the kitchen we were shocked at what we saw. The glass outer door of our 5 year old Kenmore range had shattered and blew out about 5 feet from the location. Model number 790.95411104. We were grateful that our 3 year old son was not in there when this had happened or our daughter. I am sure it may have caused serious injury to anyone in the house if they were. I am even more surprised that it did this and it had not been on in over a week.

I was so upset that my husband and I went on Sunday 9/30/07 to purchase another range rather than even having it fixed as I would never rest easy wondering if it could happen again.

I contacted Sears customer relations who acted like it was not a big deal. They had me call the recall number 1-800-659-7026. I spoke with Valerie and explained what happened. Valerie transferred me to Mary in consumer protection. I than explained to her what happened. She than had me contact Kenmore 1-888-536-6673 I did not catch the name of who I spoke with there but she had me call Sears again. I called the 800-469-4663 number spoke with Nikki in customer service and told her what happened. Nikki than transferred me to Lindsey in marketing. Lastly I was transferred to product repairs and was disconnected during the transfer. I than filed a complaint with the CPSA.

I am shocked and appalled at how this is being handled. This is not to be taken likely someone really could have been hurt. I even took pictures for proof of how this glass door shattered as I could not believe it myself. This really needs to be addressed with consumers of this product. A recall or something needs to be done. I did an internet search about it and was surprised to see this is not an isolated incident.

I hope this will protect other consumers in this situation before this happens to them. I have already gone out and purchased something else as I could not live in fear with the replacement doing the same thing someday.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
February 02, 2009 08:56PM
Same thing just happened to me 30 minutes ago. I'm kinda shook up by it. I had my face to the window not 3 minutes prior to it blowing out. Our local Sears seems to be taking it seriously. We'll see what happens next. Ugh.
April 9, 2009

The same thing happened to my glass oven door. I was quoted a price of $499.00 to order the glass for replacement. The appliance is not quite 5 years old and was not on at the time. I wouldn't purchase a Sears product again. This is not my first complaint against Sears but you can believe it will be my last.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
April 12, 2009 07:59AM
Sorry this happened to you. Consumer protection is certainly lacking in the US. At least some people will see our posts and be forewarned.
Thanks for writing.
this happened to me. Sears said they had never heard of such a thing. Then sent me to 5 differnt places. When my sears repair man came out he told me it happens all the time. He told me it would be $215 to fix it. I'm angry that they don't think this is bad enough to recall....what does a baby have to be cut up to have this happen.

The glass in my Kenmore smooth top cracked during self cleaning. I tried calling to obtain a service call and needless to say they wanted to charge me $75.00 because I purchased the range in 99. To me this is should be treated as a defect because the glass should not break or crack during a cleaning cycle. I am looking for a new range and it won't be a Sears!
Our door exploded tonight, but luckily glass fell down. Still, my teenage son did get glass in his foot. The range was delivered to me on June 26, 2008, so now that it is July 7, 2009, I am apparently on my own, despite numerous posts on this and other websites that lead one to realize that this is not an uncommon problem with these ranges. The "Executive" Service Center (that's what they called themselves), was not very helpful. In fact, the guy who said he was at the top of the line there, offered me $150 while acknowleding that it would be a $400 repair. It's my problem that I didn't get the extended warranty according to him. I certainly expect an almost $700 range to last longer than a year. I didn't need an extended warranty on the 11 year old GE that was replaced by this hunk of junk. In fact, my GE is in another one of my homes, and I still love using it. I only replaced it because I did a kitchen remodel and changed appicance colors. I will call the Consumer Affairs department and Attorney General in my state tomorrow. This is a defect that needs to be acknowledged and repaired (for free ) before someone suffers a serious injury, if, in fact, that hasn't already happened.
The oven glass door on our $1,300 2005 Kenmore Range Model #79046592500 exploded on the evening of Oct. 18, 2009, shooting glass all over the kitchen, even into the kitchen sink. Fortunately my wife and I were in a back room moving furniture, our dogs were in their crates, and our grandchildren had just left the house. It stunned us to think what might have happened if any of us had been close to the oven (which we often are) when this occurred. We wanted the range replaced with a different model of comparable cost because we were concerned that the same thing could happen again, and with more dangerous results. Sears refused but, because we had an extended warranty, offered to replace the glass door and that was it. Everyone we talked to at Sears sounded as though this sort of thing had never happened. The Sears repair man who came out to look at the stove didn't seem to know what caused the glass to explode, other than mumbling something about "it might be caused by tension." The oven had not been used for three days and nothing was on when the explosion occurred. It's one thing if a part fails and the oven or range won't work. That can be fixed. What in fact happened is a serious safety issue. Has anyone pursued this issue beyond dealing with a non-helpful Sears? We are certainly going to contact the Maryland Attorney General's Consumer Protection Office but I don't have a lot of faith in this process. Perhaps if we were able to get enough people together who have had similar experiences, we might be able to bring some kind of class action suit. Any thoughts?
Last night while washing dishes, I heard this strange sound and turned around to see the front glass panel of our Kenmore model 790 electric range shattered with pieces of glass falling out. My husband took a picture and then we removed the glass from the panel. After investigating on the internet we see this is a common thing with Kenmore. I called Sears and after a 15 minute run around got someone that said he would report it to the recall department. He asked if I wanted a service call and I replied, WHY WOULD I WANT TO PAY TO HAVE THIS REPAIRED WHEN IT OBVIOUSLY IS DEFECTIVE ????? Sears is offering no help and I just emailed the local ABC news consumer reporter to see if she interested in this story. This should get national attention.
Kenmore glass oven door exploded today during Thanksgiving dinner. I will call Sears tomorrow but after what i have read on here it does not sound like they will do much to help. I would be interested in a class act suit if Sears will not stand behind their product. We were just very lucky no one was hurt.
Same thing happened to my Mom. Her is General Electric, but I think they are made by the same company.
Don whittenberg
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
November 29, 2009 04:52PM
My black oven door exploded or shattered last night(Nov. 28. 2009) The oven was not on.

I used it the previous morning. My oven is 20 years old ,worked perfect, and have never had any trouble with it.

This is scary!!!!
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
December 03, 2009 12:56AM
This has also happened to us. My daughter was taking a pan of lasagna out of the oven when the door just shattered. The glass flew everywhere. My grand daughter was standing nearby and fortunately she was not hurt. I have had this stove for two years and from the day I first used it the oven handle had to be tightened every time. We replaced the glass panel and today the handle fell off and it almost happened again. I called Sears and was told that I would need a serviceman to come and look at it. I told them that I could go to Lowe's and buy the screws for 60 cents. Thus saving myself $ 200.00. There will never be another Sears appliance in my home again and I am canceling my account that I have had since 1967.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
December 10, 2009 09:08AM
Hi All,

What scary stories you are reporting! I found this thread while looking for a replacement glass panel for my Thermador. The panel was already broken when we moved in and I had just assumed that someone had had a temper tantrum. After reading this I am wondering if this happened to mine before we moved in. Just the outer glass is broken on mine. Has anyone heard of this happening to a Thermador?

Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
December 16, 2009 05:05AM
This also happened to us today. A cooking pan fell near the oven and caused the glass on the outside of the oven door to shatter into about a million pieces. So thankful my baby did not get hurt! I was about to check into having the glass door replaced as I thought the glass breaking was a rare occurrence. However, after reading everyone's posts, I have changed my mind and will buy a different stove! I can't risk having the glass break again! After reading so many people's complaints about this issue, I believe a class action lawsuit should be in order!
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
December 22, 2009 04:22AM
Hey, if you find any info on your Thermador, could you let me know? I was cleaning my oven and put a wet washcloth over the inside glass to clean and the window cracked. Wow, what not to do... in hindsight. I'm upset because the oven was around 4 grand 12 years ago!
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
December 23, 2009 02:20AM
Anonymous User Wrote:
December 22, 2009

This happened to our GE oven last night...I woke up to a loud explosion, I seriously thought someone was trying to break into my house. I frantically started turning lights on, my DH works nights so I was so scared...anyways walked out to my kitchen to find that the oven door had exploded all over the floor. Luckily my 3 year old and 2 month old were fast asleep. I took pictures b/c my son's bouncy chair was about 5 feet from the oven, I put him in it while I make dinner, thank goodness he was not pelted with glass!! I called GE and they said they would send a tech out for $100 to "diagnose" the problem so I agreed, well 2 hrs later the tech calls me and says he has never heard of this and that I should buy a new stove!! He said that the front oven door would cost over $350 plus any other repairs he felt would be necessary once he looked at the oven. I asked him if GE would cover any of the repairs since this obviously was not my fault and it is not like my oven is 20 years old and his response was "ma'am your oven is almost 4 years old and only covered by a one year warranty so it is old", I said great, thanks for your wonderful customer child could have been seriously injured and you don't even care. I am so upset by this
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
December 26, 2009 03:18AM
Same thing occured with our GE Spectra today while preparing to cook the Christmas turkey!!! So much for Christmas dinner and we were going to have family over tomorrow for another dinner! Off to Lowes first thing in the morning! Definately won't be buying a GE or Kenmore product ever again!
Last night, on Christmas, my husband went to open our Kenmore range (bought in 2005 but just installed into our redone kitchen 6 mon. ago- so not under warrantee) and the handle came off, shattering glass all over the floor!! I have three small children and this could have been not only an upsetting situation but a very dangerous one too- thankfully no one was hurt but as you can imagine we were very upset! This morning after speaking to Sears and checking to see if there was a recall on the product I found many other people reporting the same thing happened to them! It seems that Kenmore uses a plastic handle and short, metal screws to hold it on- not a good combination! The other people that this happened to reported it to the Consumer Product Safety Commission but with no seems that this is a defect but Kenmore has not recalled these ranges...WHY? I have no idea...are they waiting for someone to get seriously injured? What if my children were near the stove when the glass shattered all over the floor? This is unacceptable, especially for a well respected name/company like Kenmore.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
December 30, 2009 08:43PM
I have a brand new Kenmore Range, purchased less than 4 weeks ago. Last night I ran the self-clean for the 1st time, and POOF! The inside glass shattered. So much for quality.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
January 01, 2010 11:45PM
got a kenmore Toaster oven for Christmas was not even using it... heard a crash in the kitchen,, the door had shattered all over the counter
Same thing happened to us 2 nights ago....almost the entire glass front of our glass oven door from 2000 exploded all over the kitchen floor. It is very frightening to think how often one of my children is standing near that area.

Mine exploded and shot glass all over the kitchen. It was an older Kenmore oven from about 1992 and it just exploded in the middle of the night. Very dangerous indeed.
WOW guys! Our new (had 4 months) Kenmore's oven door "exploded" yesterday, shooting glass all over the kitchen! It wasn't even on, hadn't been used since the day before! After reading all the other cases posted I have decided to DO something other than have Sears give me the run around! I suggest EVERYONE join me by filing a complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Use the form for "Injury or Potiential Injury" not the general form. We are going to allow the product to be turned over to them for study, have pictures and kept the glass for tests. The University of Tennessee Department of Materials Science Engineering is also being contacted to study the problem. With permission, we are collecting any information available on this from other cases and sending a Consumer Alert Report to 20/20, 60 Minutes, Fox News and Good Morning America. Something has to force Sears/Kenmore to take this seriously! We have a 2 year old that visits our home frequently, this explosion would be at his face/eye level! We cannot just sit by, someone is going to get seriously injured!
Last night my Kenmore smooth top self-clean electric range #223 663 533 glass door exploded. The oven was not on and my 6 year old daughter and husband were in the kitchen. Luckily, no one was hurt. Our oven is only 3 years old, we called Sears as soon as it happened and they told us that a service man could come thurs. we told them we were not paying for call but we're told it's a servicable call and that we would be charged!! We have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I am currently waiting to hear back from Sears. This is so scary, since I have 2 young children.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
February 10, 2010 02:53PM
The outer glass on the door of our Kenmore electric range exploded last week. Our one year old was standing in front of the stove just minutes before it spontaneously exploded. Luckily, he had made his way over to the sink when it exploded and he was not injured. Very scary. I ordered a replacement and it came in yesterday. Was going to put the new one in tonight, but after reading this thread I am thinking about getting a new non-sears brand range.
I spoke with my dad yesterday and in conversation he mentioned he was having to replace the glass front to his recently (Oct. 09) purchased Kenmore Toaster Oven. He said that after returning from work he found the glass broken out.

In rationalizing how this could have happened with no one home, the possibly that maintence came in and broke it was too farfetched and thus blamed the cat. How the cat actually broke it was unclear but that was the only plausible cause at the time. I suggested he look online for used ovens to get for parts instead of buying a replacement from Sears as they didn't have those items in stock anyway and it'd probably be cheaper. Being more internet savvy, I offered to look for him.

In looking today, I discovered this blog. (I happened to search for recalls as his particular model was fairly new and only a few used ones were listed for sale online.) After reading your experiences I phoned him and began reading some of your stories to him. At least the cat is off the hook winking smiley

Scary to hear of young children, anyone for that matter, being present for these spontaneous “glass shatterings”. He feels fortunate to only be out approx. $60 vs. the hundreds others have reported.

Because his unit is so new (and he keeps everything), he pulled the receipt and warranty (2yr parts and service) for the oven and is heading to Sears. Per your experiences he's not expecting much from them but it's worth a shot. I'll post an update as to his outcome.

However, he would like to be part of a solution. He will be filing a complaint per Sandra Rhyne's posting above.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
February 22, 2010 03:40AM
Sandra, I'm so glad to hear that you plan to pursue this hazard to the hilt. I found that the CPSC had examined several toaster ovens that were the same or similar to mine (they never asked to see mine) but still did nothing about it. It wasn't long before I began to see that this happens with several brands and types of glass door ovens. I assume you saw my webpage Exploding Toastmaster toaster oven and that that's how you came to find this forum, but if not, please take a look, and let the media know that it's a larger problem than just Kenmore's ovens. The CPSC appears to be ineffective in dealing with this problem. Too bad since we, tax payers, pay their salaries.

I wish everyone luck with this problem.
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
February 26, 2010 04:11PM
my mom and dad has had this happen just a few weeks ago has kenmoore done any thing for anyone yet about this
This afternoon my B&D counter top oven decided to blow up it's glass door, it wasn't on, it was used the night before.
shattered GE oven door
March 11, 2010 03:43AM
Came home from work....what a mess!! Tiny pieces of glass covered the floor in front of my GE gas oven. The black outer door must have exploded not too long before I got home. Had the oven for over 10 years, was working fine. Not something I had on my "to do" list. Thankfully, no one was home at the time. I see this is not uncommon.
It looks like we get to join the crowd. We have a Kenmore double oven. The black glass on the outside of the door on the lower oven exploded the other night. As someone said above, the handle was loose on our upper oven. My husband tightened it and decide to do a gentle turn on the lower oven handle as well. While he was turning the screw the glass exploded into thousands of tiny, very sharp pieces. When I say exploded, I mean EXPLODED! We found glass 15 feet away. Thank goodness it was the lower oven or my husband would probably have gotten glass in his face. We went to our local Sears store and the guy (who happened to be the owner) said he couldn't help us since we didn't buy it at that store... so we drove 25 miles to the one we did buy it from and the two salesmen we talked to there said, "oh, yeah, that happens all the time!" They asked if the oven was under warranty. It isn't, so they said Sears wouldn't cover it. They gave us a number to call and said a service man would come to our house which I'm sure would have cost a $100. The serviceman would "access" the problem, order parts which would be shipped to us, and then we could call him to come out again and do the repairs. I'm sure we would have been charged another $100 for him to come back. We found a Sears parts and repair store and went there to order the new glass. For $100 it will be shipped to our house and my husband will do the repair. I like everyone above am concerned about keeping this appliance in my house. What if if happens again and someone gets hurt. I am amazed the Sears is so unconcerned about the liability of this problem. I am a person in favor of tort reform, but in this case, I'm thinking a class action lawsuit might be in order!
Happened yesterday to me,had cooked some chicken in the Kenmore toaster oven, 1.5 hrs later i'm sitting in the next room when I hear something shatter,shocked the heck out me when it turned out to be the toaster oven,I always unplug when I'm done and it had been cool for at least an strange.......
So about a month ago I was pulling some fish out of the oven, went to close the door and (you guessed it) the outer glass exploded all over the kitchen. My wife and I figured it was a fluke, so we ordered a new outer glass from Sears online. It was backordered (possibly because this is a common issue?) so we just got it today. I was attaching it to the door with the last screw when (you guessed it again) it exploded again. Both this time and the last time there were small children in the kitchen. My wife looked up the number online to call Sears and while she was waiting decided to Google 'Kenmore oven glass door.' Imagine our surprise when we discovered that exploding/shattering glass doors on Kenmore ovens is by no means a rarity.
Long story short, the man my wife talked to from Sears said he'd never heard of such a thing, but he did sound concerned. The cost of the new glass was refunded, including the shipping and handling, he offered to send us another one (no charge), and when we told him there was no way we were going to take the chance that it might happen again, he suggested that we write a letter to Sears Customer Relations letting them know what has happened, and he also said we should demand a new oven (one without a glass door). For anyone who would like to do the same, I'm posting that address below.

National Customer Relations
3333 Beverly Rd
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

Be sure to include the model # in your letter.

I don't know if this will work or not, or what will happen with everything, but after having two glass fronts explode into our kitchen, we will for sure never have a glass front oven in our house again, and probably will never have a Kenmore appliance in our house again. We're thankful none of our kids were hurt, although they very easily could have been.

Jon Nic
Happened to me last night too. Luckily it was a Kenmore Toaster oven, so I'm only out $50 or so. This was only about two months old. Toasted a bagel and about 45 minutes later, we heard glass shattering in the kitchen. I was shocked to find glass everywhere. The toaster oven had completely cooled to room temperature. I filed a complaint with CPSC and emailed Sears. No response yet from either.
This happened to me. I called Sears and they send a man to my house. The man said I have to pay about $270 to fix it, when I said I will replace the outer glass of my Kenmore Range by myself, and he said that's ok but I still need to pay $80 for his travel to my house!
Hi all
i work as a baker in a small shop, im 17 and it is my only source of income. i work weekends, have no contract and get paid cash in hand.
yesterday, about an hour into my work, i was pre heating the oven ( Industrial sized) for the next set of buns, when the inners glass shattered and sprayed across the room, i was luckily unhurt. i was the only one in the kitchen at the time, and my employers believe that i am to blame for the incident as they think i slammed the door, it is going to cost over £800 to repair the oven and i dont have that kind of money, i also cant loose my job, does anyone know of a way i can prove that it wasnt my fault?
Re: Exploding Kenmore glass oven door
April 05, 2010 12:43PM
They should be grateful that you weren't injured and won't be suing them. Maybe you could show them all the people reporting exploding tempered glass online. Best of luck to you.
I experienced this tonight. However, I was trying to figure out how to get inside the door to clean it. I noticed a loose screw on the inside of the door so I tighten it a bit and the glass shattered. Turns out that screw holds the handle on and is drilled into the glass to secure the handle. The hole drilled through the glass causes a weak spot in the glass, therefore, when the screw was tighten the compression caused the tempered glass to break. Poor design if you ask me. I found the piece of glass on line for $95.
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