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"EYES OPEN-WALLETS SHUT" - Cautionary Commentary on Ilchi Lee/Dahn Yoga

Posted by Lorie Anderson 
"EYES OPEN-WALLETS SHUT" - Cautionary Commentary on Ilchi Lee/Dahn Yoga
April 18, 2006 09:30AM
"EYES OPEN-WALLETS SHUT -- A Cautionary Commentary on Ilchi (Seung Heun) Lee":

EXCERPT: "Behind this movement for peace and healing through meditation and yoga lies a controversial public figure involved with a number of tax-exempt organizations intermingled with dozens of for-profit businesses, e.g. Dahn World Company, BCC Consulting Company, Bell Rock Development Corporation, Vortex Inc. (which sells baseless healing devices, like a $4,500 turtle). Lee conducts deceptive "experiments" demonstrating how his Brain Respiration (BR) program develops ESP in children: blindfolded and closed book reading, telekinetic spoon-sticking and spoon-bending. He reports that certain research universities are studying BR's ESP effects, but certain named researchers told me they are not. Meanwhile, BR, with its paranormal and religious underpinnings, enters public schools nationwide as a child development program. ..."

LINK to this discussion board's archived thread on this topic (you must come back to this active board to reply):

I started the yoga class 7 months ago, 2 three-month contracts, and then 1 month onlyl. I began to have doubts as the yoga exercises introduced and quickly expanded their "brain training" sessions. This included rather weird, increasing in volume, drum beating, while the members in the class were told to simply sway, with eyes closed, in any manner they liked. During this time the master walked around shouting "Brain Wave, brain wave, brain wave. This gave me the creeps, and I waited for them to serve grape Kool Aid. They offer MANY special workshops, one recently on a Saturday, in brain training. And at my age, my brain has already received all the training it needs!

I do not think I will renew my membership as I have the same thoughts as expressed in the above reference. And it's a total shame, because the exercises are terrific!

Too bad.
Dahn Yoga
July 12, 2008 01:11AM
Dahn Yoga:

I currently been in dahn yoga for a couple of months. With in that month I have been going through a rough time and of course when you are going through a rough time you want help. The center helped, but then it was like you need to be here a least one year and take this class and go here and here. The cost has cost me about $4,000. They want me to go to school for $5,000. I currently don't want to because I could use this money for something else. With the money I spent here I could be able to have seen a pschologist and get the help I needed with less cost. They do drag you in a room and try to make a sale. I really do like the classes because it does keep me healthy, and I do like the trainers because they do check to see where your are blocked. I do not like who they made me do bows and chant their prayers. I just pretend until I can get better and leave and change my phone number contact infromation. I never use to eat and now I eat well so there has been some positive out of Dahn but I wish they would not try to sell you everything and you always need Dr. Seung Heun Lee book for everything. I really like the classes besides the workshops and the sales.

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December 07, 2008 05:40AM
I'm a former member of Dahnhak. I trained intensively for 1 year, and then I become an instructor for 1 year. Then I quit to move on with my life. I haven't been at a Dahn Center for 8 months now. I started taking Kung-Fu a month ago, and it's undeniable that I benefited greatly from the Dahnhak programs. I've become extremely flexible and my breathing has become very deep. My Kung-Fu instructors are astonished at my mind-body coordination and flexibility. I'm a white belt in Kung Fu right now, but I tried to explain to them that I may be an advanced student, because I was an Instructor for a type of training (Dahn Yoga) that is Qi-gong and Tai-chi based. I'm deeply grateful to Dahn Yoga for their teachings and for my personal transformation. Their programs really do work, and it's worth it. Although, I can see how people can get really involved and consumed by it. Just know when to take a break from it. That's all, and that's what I did.

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Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 12/08/2008 06:35AM by Lorie Anderson.
Re: Dahn Yoga
December 08, 2008 05:28PM
Would you care to share your Dahn experience on another forum? Any sincere input/ personal experience (whether positive or negative) is very welcome, as long as it is constructive and intelligent.

The thread I am talking about, is located here, at:

Bullshido: Dahn Yoga and Tai Chi Centers

The thread is old, but new and more relevant material starts on p7 to which the above URL takes you.
I respectfully invite anyone who has something to contribute.
I think the statement, "know when to quit" sums it all up. I became involved with Dahn Hak Yoga during a period of life where I was literally immobilized by the loss of my mother, my daughter, and an illness that almost killed me. I found the Dahn Hak to be an absolute lifesaver, and I knew enough about physiology, anatomy, and neurology to understand the physical basis behind all the mystical talk. I invested way too much money into a year long membership for myself and my older daughter, bought books, CD's, the ridiculously over-priced "brain respiration" system, the portable "brain" vibrators, etc. I attended one weekend seminar that absolutely convinced me that, despite the physical benefits of the yoga, the organization was basically a (very) profit oriented business that effectively preys upon folks who are at physical and emotional lows in their lives. I have taken the basic exercises I learned in the classes (the "tapping", especially, is very effective - it simply draws blood to whatever area you "tap" and loosens muscles; the breathing techniques are basic to any and every stress reduction program out there) and used them to great benefit. I have found their method of massage, especially its focus on the subject (usually one of my children) is delightfully beneficial to both parties - I find myself as relaxed as my subject when I am finished.

In a nutshell - "Eyes Open, Wallet Shut" is the perfect advice. Know thyself! Be aware of what will benefit you, recognize when you are being cornered, coerced, or pressured, and take what you need and LEAVE!
Anonymous User
Re: I spent $45,000 in 10 days of retreat
May 15, 2010 10:58PM
Hi Lorie and others. First of all, thank you Lorie for your work on this expose. My name is hayden and I just came back from Dahn Yoga's Mago Garden retreat YESTERDAY (May 14, 2010). I am not really a Dahn devotee but my girlfriend who is and who went to the same retreat last January 2010 enrolled me into it. According to her it's an enlightement retreat. I'm naturally a skeptic so I asked what they do and HOW MUCH (I'm half-Chinese, half-Filipino, btw). She told me it's a holistic healing program that uses brain wave vibration to makes the brain naturally heal its body). SHe also told me it's $10,000 to be a member of the "Tao Holistic GOld Membership" and $8,500 for every retreat period of ten days in Sedona Mago garden. I also found out that during her 10-day retreat last January 2010, she spent a total of MORE THAN $50,000 "IN DONATIONS" to this group!
Apparently, what started as a $1000 per healing session and $500 per training session in the Dahn yoga center in Beverly Hills became a $20,000 Dahn Yoga Gold membership, then into anadditional $8,500 10-day retreat, then a $10,000 Tao Gold Membership!!! Then when she was on her mediatio0n retreat, these Koreans coerced her into making ME (someone whom they've never met and who doesn't reside in the US) a Tao Gold member too and made her pay an additional $18,500 PLUS a 30-day SKYPE meditation session for $15,000!!! The "Tao Master" there said it is very necessary that she enrolls me because the higher power communicated to her that myh spirit energy is very low and my life is in danger.
ANyway, since it's already paid for, i flew in from the Philippines to their Mago garden in Sedona. It was a terrible experience. We were tapping and jabbing our whole bodies for hours - basically beating our own bodies until it's bruised "in order to enter our subconscious and connect to the "Chung Ji Ki Un" or the COsmic Being, as they say; and shaking our heads and making funny sounds "to activate our brains". Three days before the end of the retreat, I still couldn't understand why we were doing what we were doing. (I am a medical doctor by profession, btw). The Tao Master examined me during a healng session and told me that the reason why i couldn't understand is because the spirits of my ancestors are residing inside me and are interfering with my thoughts. She said it is critical taht I do the "Chun Do" ceremony, which is a ceremony to honor the ancestors and ask them to leave my body. I said, "O...kay... sure, let's do it". ANd she goes, "But it's expensive". I said, "how much?" and she goes, "i cannot tell you. YOu have to say Yes first". I thought that was crazy but i humored her anyway and said , "sure, let's do it. Now how much?". "$30,000" (!!!!!!!) I was shocked! A 2-hour ceremony to honor my ancestors for $30,000??? WTF?! So I said, uh oh i don't have that money to spend on such a ceremony and that I don't have a US credit card. But she insisted that i call my dad, mom, and even my girlfriend. It was re34ally crazy. I made all kinds of excuses and told her i can't call them yet coz there's a 15 hour difference in time vs Philippines. She let me go but during the next meditative self-pounding sessions she kept on coercing me to say yes. THen, my fellow yogis who have been there for several months now told me that it's real and that the Tao Master only wants the best for me and my safety. Finally i said YES to the master (i know i know i'm stupid.
SO now I'm $30,000 in debt with my girlfriend.
All in all, during the two 10-day retreat (my gf's January and my May retreat), we spent more than $100,000 (including travel costs). That's for Dahn Yoga Gold Membership, Tao Holistic GOld Membership (their new name since the Dahn yoga contrroversy), Two 10-day Retreats, Dahn yoga training and healing sessions, and a 30-day Skype sessions. By the way, these are all "donations" since Tao Holistic is a non-for profit organization.
Oh, btw, Ilchi Lee is their Jesus Christ. They believe that if Ilchi Lee tells you to buy a franchise of Dahn Yoga and open 100 centers in the Philippines, it becomes your duty because that is the message of the "Chun Ji KI Un". (At least, that's what the masters said when Ilchi Lee told my girlfriend last January that she must open 100 centers in the Phlippines).
You need to be an idiot or insane to pay so much. Do you count your money in thousands? Everything needs to be in balance in life. You can't rely on other to make your life happy, even Yoga.
Re: I spent $45,000 in 10 days of retreat
September 25, 2010 10:57PM
This isn't about spending too much money on yoga classes. Rather than denouncing the victims, it's worth researching how some charismatic leaders succeed in being so persuasive that they can separate people from their hard-earned money very easily; get them to beg, borrow, and steal; hand over their student loans; work for free; give up their family and friends, etc. . How do they succeed in persuading people to persuade others to do the same? It's like a psychological multilevel marketing scheme. The people who turn around and realize what happened are often stunned that it happened to them. Kudos to those who get out and are willing to talk about what happened to them!
I am currently trying to seek a $200 refund for a private session that I cancelled way in advance, because I was told I signed up for a membership. This is baloney. I had paid for three private sessions at $200/ea and attended two of them. I cancelled the third one because I got a sales pitch on the first two to join the program, plus I found that nothing that they offered was going to work for me and I had hip replacement surgery this year and have certain restrictions that prevent me from doing yoga for now. Most of all, I found the cost to be astronomical and especially in these tough economic times. When I contacted the facility, they basically said the money was gone because I had put money towards a membership. They told me I could contact the store manager and gave me an email, which basically bounced back to me undeliverable.

This is a money-suck scam folks. I don't care how wonderful this program is. I never signed up for a membership!
Re: "EYES OPEN-WALLETS SHUT" - Cautionary Commentary on Ilchi Lee/Dahn Yoga
October 22, 2010 06:08AM
I know you didn't ask for advice, and maybe you already thought of this, but if it were me, I'd write a certified letter demanding my money back and would give a deadline for a sending a refund. Then, if that doesn't work, I'd pursue small claims court (or if you paid with VISA, you might have coverage through them for this type of claim). Your state attorney general might also be interested in hearing about this, and the Better Business Bureau.
Best of luck.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 10/22/2010 06:11AM by Lorie Anderson.

I am SO glad I found this forum. Today is Monday and I am supposed to decide by Wednesday whether or not I should take a class with Master Chung Suk one of the "biggies" from Arizona. The Master who runs the one I go to says that the severity of my "pain syndrome" or fibromyalgia like symptoms have much to do with the how strong my Dahn Jon (not sure of spelling but you know below the belly button Chakra) is my issue. She says that I need to see this Mast Chung Suk who can help me to have to correct posture and build up my Dahn Jon. It is one private session with this guy for $2,000. It includes four follow ups with her and I think that is it. My inclination is to tell her no but when you hurt like I do and someone insists she knows something that will help I want to try it. If it were a couple hundred dollars or even a little more I would try it but 2k aint cheap. I know what some of you others have spent and my heart goes out to you. I believe the head of my Dahn center is earnest but I feel weird about it because she wants to help and I hurt a lot and my inclination to say "no" to anymore workshops. I spent $400.00 on Shim sung and at least for me I got NOTHING out of it as I have worked on myself for years. In any case do take care! Any input is totally welcome! Thanks! Neil
Re: "EYES OPEN-WALLETS SHUT" - Cautionary Commentary on Ilchi Lee/Dahn Yoga
February 09, 2011 04:35AM
Hi Neil,
Whoa, $2000 for a posture and abdominal breathing exercise session. Sounds like you have a good internal warning system. I happened to be reading about fibromyalgia lately, and I see that many benefit from regular exercise, yoga, meditation (among other things), and so it wouldn't surprise me if you found some relief from Dahn Yoga programs...or from the YMCA or other community programs that offer the same thing for a fraction of the cost and with no pressure, no guilt for saying no to a teacher who is pushing for more programs, and no dubious claims of being "healers". Keep reading the links on my webpage.

I feel for you; fibromyalgia sounds awful. If you feel tempted to go for Dahn, you could ask first to see their RCT published and replicated studies - that were conducted independent of a Dahn organization - showing that this young "master" (or any Dahn program) has significantly relieved fibromyalgia symptoms with one session. (I would bet they have none; or that they might suggest something absurd, like that science hasn't caught up to being able to study their methods; or they might suggest that you not think so much.)

Sorry my forum is not very active. I hope you get the support you need.

Best to you,
maybe i don't understand about being rich but are you serious? I'm upset that they are trying to get 3000 out of my husband for a 5 day training and he is very convinced it's for him! don';t you BOTH realize there are many more important causes in the world? what is it in men that can not say NO to dahn masters, please enlighten me... Aiyah!

Warning, they are a cult-----------
I'm currently going to Dahn Yoga classes. I got suckered into paying for 10 sessions of "healing" upfront, which surprises me because I'm the skeptical type. I plan to finish my sessions to see if I get anything out of them. Then I'm outta there.
After my introductory private session for which I paid $29.00, I was pressured into watching a 10 minute video of Ilchi Lee teaching about "good" and "bad" which made no sense to me. I said so to the teacher who implied that the message was deeper than I understood. Hmmm! There was this tiny nagging feeling in the back of my brain which I ignored. Then, the hard sell came. The healer/teacher recommended 10 private sessions at $200.00/session. I balked. She offered me a discount of $100.00/session. I was shown a price list indicating that the real price was $200.00 and that I really was getting a deal. Because I was looking for help in dealing with pain and fatigue, I was quickly persuaded to pay upfront $1000.00 for ten private sessions. I could not believe that I just meekly handed over my credit card. I am usually more savvy. In my right mind, I would have asked to pay one session at a time.
Despite all this suspicion on my part, I did go for my first private lesson and it was a very positive experience. I intend to return for subsequent appointments but I am now forewarned about any future hard sells.
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