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Posted by Lorie Anderson 
April 18, 2006 09:08AM
Lorie's cautionary commentary, "EXPLODING TOASTMASTER (SALTON) TOASTER OVEN - The company doesn't seem to care!"

EXCERPT: "I was just about to turn around and peer into the oven to see if my toast was done when I heard a loud pop behind me. The glass door had exploded into thousands of tiny shards of hot glass; some pieces were blown four feet from the oven; most landed within a couple of feet from the oven. What if one of us had been standing near it, or looking into the oven, or opening the door at the time? Burns and blindness could easily have resulted. I discovered that that the company has known of this danger since at least 2002. ..."

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I purchased a Toaster Oven Broiler, Model TOV 200 from Hecht’s in Durham, NC.

Three weeks ago, while my grandson was visiting, I was using the toaster oven and all of a sudden a big explosion! The glass on the front of the oven blew up and tiny pieces of glass flew all over the kitchen. Thank God my grandchild was not in the kitchen at the time! I am also thankful this did not catch my kitchen on fire. This toaster oven had only been used, at the most, 10 times. I have been informed to contact the authorities here in Durham but wanted to let you know prior to doing that.

When searching for a way to contact Toastmaster to report this problem, I was astonished at the many other reports I see about the same thing happening to other people. There were so many complaints I did not read them all but I know they were dated back to 2002 and were different models than mine. It is 2007 and apparently this is still happening. I did file a report with the US Consumer Product Safety Commission this AM. I intend to call the 800 number for Toastmaster as soon as they are open also.

Has nothing been done to correct these problems?

Mickey B. Harris
2616 Red Pine Road
Hillsborough, NC 27278
On Jan, 29, 2008 my Toastmaster toaster oven, model #358 exploded the glass door and resulted in hundreds of shattered glass pieces blown out into the kitchen. I was heating it up to 350 to bake a pie crust (which I had to throw out due to the glass on it). I was looking on the internet to find a Toastmaster customer service when I saw about many others that have had similar terrifying experiences. It is nothing short of a miracle that I wasn't in front of it or my new puppy or there could have been injuries.

This is definitely a dangereous product and should be recalled. I am writing today to the company with pictures and also the USCP Safety commission to complain about this incident, but I DON"T WANT A REPLACEMENT, just warn others about the DANGER. I am VERY UNHAPPY with Toastmaster's action about past problems. I have used this oven daily for several years with no problems until NOW.
I believe that the Toastmaster/Salton are one of the group of companies that really do not care... about anything. My Toastmaster products (two purchase in 2004) have both developed problems due to poor design and construction; some of those problems are dangerous, like the problem described in the exploding glass stories.
Where can I do the most financial damage to this company?
Thank you,
Count me in as one of the many. If it is set to toast it stays on and will not turn off. It stays on until it smokes and smells like it is going to catch on fire so I have to unplug it. Needless to say it cannot be used unless we stand next to it to keep an eye on it. Has Toastmaster done anything about this problem yet?
Ours is a model 357.
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