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Posted by Lorie Anderson 
April 18, 2006 08:49AM
Link to Lorie's commentary "INDIGO - THE COLOR OF MONEY":

EXCERPT: "Many are excited about the upcoming New Age movie, "Indigo," written, produced, and directed by three renowned individuals who now live in Ashland - James Twyman, Neale Donald Walsch, and Stephen Simon. Appealing are the career opportunities, the camaraderie of movie-making, the promoting of spirituality and messages of peace and love. Promoters say it will stimulate the local economy and help our schools. But after examining the Indigo Child movement, and specifically the activities of co-writer/producer James Twyman, I see potential consequences for the community -- and for children. ..."

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July 16, 2007 04:37AM
Hi, Lorie! I just found this forum.

My partner "Ponderer" and I saw "Indigo" last year. A great flick... for a fantasy.

Outstanding article. I've done some other reading on the Indigo Child phenomenon, and I very quickly reached the conclusion that it's total crap. Most of the so-called Indigo children are autistic or have Asperger's, which can be devastating, especially the more severe cases. So sad to see parents of these children resort to self delusion in order to be able to cope with their child's condition.
Please read this with an open mind.If you have already decided to turn away from something you don't understand, please,please,please, don't read this.

Hi, i can understand your scrutiny on this topic, .... but, isn't this a little too far? calling us 'liars' with the cards and 'spoon bending' fakes.
Look, What would YOU do If your child came up to you one day when thay are four years old and tell you this? " You are soooo much better than my other mommy. She died when I was eight. My daddy also died. Something was wrong with the milk from our cow... snake weed, I think." and went on and on and on. So, you think, 'I need to check out some of this info.' you check with your elderly mother to find that most of the information your kid told you, you had no idea about. ( you need a key to unlock a lantern, one room schoolhouse,) were correct. Your 4 year old even told you about the birth of the her two children, her childhood of being an orfan, She even told you about her life as a Ghost Dancer. And Her 'Home'
This was me. these are my memories. I am telling the truth. You can choose wether to believe me or call me a liar. Either way, please see the soul of those around you, not the mere shell covering them.
love, pass it on,
indigoo kid smiling smiley ps. I don't have autisim anything like that.
Many in their 30's are awakining and remembering HOME. tongue sticking out smiley
December 14, 2009 11:53PM
Dear Indigoo Truth, You're either a liar, nuts, or both.
The truth is hard to swallow...
An Indigo world is borning.

smileys with beer
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