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This isn't complicated. 2020 is a referendum on Trump.

The job of the Biden campaign is simple, and Trump is helping.
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Do we all agree with this?

Posted by Henry M. Paulson 
Do we all agree with this?
August 02, 2010 01:59AM
[This post has been edited to take into account Islander's constructive criticisms of it directly below.]

If you disagree with the conclusion of an argument, you can do so in only one of a few different ways:

You can disagree with it because:

1) . . . the argument is invalid.

2) . . . the argument relies on at least one false premise which is either stated or unstated.

3) . . . in essence you've declared yourself to be a lunatic whose opinions are beyond the reach of evidence and rational argument.

Have I missed anything? Does everyone pretty much agree with this?

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Re: Do we all agree with this?
August 02, 2010 02:56AM
Here are a couple more you might consider.

5) Believe it because it's in agreement t with your opinion and to the way that you hope/wish the world were like (hence we give more value to any evidence we do have in favor of positive conclusion).

6) Neither believe nor disbelieve because of insufficient evidence and/or a lack of knowledge or understanding regarding the subject.*

*Having no belief and disbelieving are not the same thing.
Re: Do we all agree with this?
August 02, 2010 03:30AM

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Anonymous User
Re: Do we all agree with this?
August 03, 2010 09:45PM
only a bare few here agree with you. most of the disagreement is because they don't like the conclusions they lead to.
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