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Common Ground

Posted by Sam 
Common Ground
February 24, 2015 08:40PM
This is a great article about Humanism. Knowing those around here as I do, I think we might all fit together well in the category of humanist. Really only the most delusional godbelievers would not and so have really nothing to offer a world based on humanism. Extreme godbelievers number in the billions. This is not good. Agree, disagree? Why?


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Re: Common Ground
February 24, 2015 09:20PM
Humanists believe that humans, not gods, can cause and solve problems, create good in the world, etc. The common ground of humanists and theists was epitomized by Benjamin Franklin who wrote "God helps those who help themselves". Franklin was advocating self-reliance and telling people not to wait for divine intervention to fulfill their needs and wants. Rational people, including the pious, can agree with that sentiment.

The article's quote about "do you ever doubt your doubts" was an interesting thought. For any critical thinker the answer should be a resounding "yes".

Re: Common Ground
February 24, 2015 10:01PM
The common ground between atheists, agnogs and theists (the pretenders, not the delusionals) is humanism. I agree that was an interesting thought "doubt your own doubts". Lol, I doubt my own doubts as soon as they fester. That's probably why I'm considered militant and narrow minded, dyed in the wool. I don't think people realize that my thoughts and opinions on this subject matter comes from 50 years of willful existential exploration and lots and lots and lots of doubting. Now that I've mastered doubting my doubts, lol, there is no doubt in my mind that humans are responsible for what happens on earth, not gods or godthings or secret cosmic purposes. Everything is our fault AND to our credit. It can be no other way except in fairy tales. If we could only get the godthings out of the picture, we could go on to evolve exponentially in our humanity. Until then, the godcancer will continue to infect minds and emotions and behaviors all because of the fear of something that isn't even real. I guess there will be no moving on much in what's left of my lifetime but I do hope the trend away from superstition and magical thinking continues forever or at least until humanity is gone (which will happen eventually, silly godthingists).

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