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This isn't complicated. 2020 is a referendum on Trump.

The job of the Biden campaign is simple, and Trump is helping.
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Thirty sevvvennnnnn........

Posted by Ponderer 
Thirty sevvvennnnnn........
January 10, 2015 07:20PM
Florida becomes 36th state to legalize gay marriage

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Re: Thirty siiiiixxx........
January 11, 2015 10:51AM

Keep the good times rolling.


"Build yourselves a wall of ships!" said the Oracle!
Re: Thirty siiiiixxx........
January 11, 2015 04:42PM
I wonder which state will be the last one to allow legal same sex marriage?

Re: Thirty siiiiixxx........
January 11, 2015 04:43PM
Re: Thirty siiiiixxx........
January 12, 2015 10:00PM
Glad we weren't last!

There was really only one person standing in the way - the Florida AG, Pam Bondi. Public pressure became so intense she finally backed down (although she claims they are "reviewing" whether or not they should continue with the court battle... expect the "issue" to magically disappear, imho).

The medical marijuana people are gearing up for round 2 as well (narrowly failed last time). If they cut Florida in half - the bottom half where I am would already have legalized weed for everyone. The top half would be annexed by Alabama.
Re: Thirty siiiiixxx........
February 10, 2015 04:10PM
Re: Thirty sevvvennnnnn........
February 10, 2015 07:31PM
Texas and Arkansas are good bets to be last. I'll say Texas.

HHH's Ohio is still holding out... snicker...


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