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This isn't complicated. 2020 is a referendum on Trump.

The job of the Biden campaign is simple, and Trump is helping.
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Philip Marshall

Posted by Hornswoggle 
Re: Philip Marshall
October 16, 2013 07:28AM
The author of crackpot conspiracy books is likely to be a crackpot. - Curt

I don't think it's crackpot to theorize that the Saudis were involved in 9/11. Fifteen of the nineteen hijackers were Saudis.

I will also never buy the official explanation. To believe that terrorists could hijack commercial jets and crash them into buildings over a 90 minute period without a military response in one of the most militarily secure air spaces in the U.S. is crackpot.

If Marshall killed his kids, his dog, and then himself, then why was his computer missing?

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Re: Philip Marshall
October 16, 2013 07:29AM
"... including “a SUV, license undetermined, with an array of communication antennas bristling from the roof.”

"... not the murder-suicide claimed by corrupt local police, who have presumably been told what to do and say by higher authorities working on behalf of 'national security.' "

Re: Philip Marshall
October 16, 2013 07:41AM
Conspiracy theorists are usually their own worst enemy when it comes to exposing the nefarious. But the cops should close the case with relevant facts - not nonsense like who registered the gun.

So far as the Saudis - we know without a doubt that our government is hiding something in that regard. Quite simple to prove beyond any doubt as well - 23(?) pages of the 9/11 report were redacted because the Saudis told Bush to do so. The section dealing with the Sauds involvement was removed before the report was released to the public - there is no question about it - it is public knowledge. Obviously something is being covered up (above and beyond anything we don't know - but certainly suspect).
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