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Most Corrupt Prosecuting Attorney G John Richards in the United States Just Got the Boot in the Primaries

In what may proove to be a watershed Moment for the Most Corrupt County in the State of Missouri and one of the top 10 in the Country The Prosecuting attorney Gary John Richards was defeated in a huge landslide. While the corruption runs deep in Lincoln County Missouri This is a terrific first step.

G John Richards won his claim to fame by prosecuting innocent parents and placing their children in foster care and ultimately up for sale through the Corrupt Division of Family Services. He raked in millions for the County Government from the Safe Families Act. Building a new Court house and Sheriffs department. G John Richards worked with the Judges to establish Kangaroo style Courts typical of the kind found in third world countries. Richards was also famous for coaching witnesses from the back seats of the courtroom using victims advocates. When confronted with abuses he would issue more charges against the accuser and their attorneys. G John RIchards deserves a long term sentence in a maximum security prison and his victims all deserve a fair trial with a judge that is not Richards partner in Crime.

Mr. G John Richards we in the State of Missouri and Citizens of the United States of America say WE ARE THROWING U OUT !YOUR FIRED! Now lets see how big of a man you really are when you cant bully familes from the Prosecuting Attorneys office. HAHHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAHA

Edited 3 time(s). Last edit at 08/21/2010 09:26PM by Greener Pastures Pub.
We waited for the Feds to take him out but Now the people have risen up against the Evil in Lincoln County. Great for them. I have a feeling now with Richards going out of office more people will come forward to testify against him at the Grand Jury including the office workers he so abused.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 08/21/2010 03:16AM by Greener Pastures Pub.
The moral arc of justice is long, but it bends towards justice”. Rev Martin Luther King

We have Overcome but there is much work still to do!

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 08/05/2010 03:21AM by Greener Pastures Pub.

Notice the red eyes like the Devil. The Dude is PURE EVIL

I must say that I have blogged about the corruption of this prosecutor for over 10 years in every available forum and in letters to the editor. I like to think that I had some influence in getting him out of office. The Power of the Written Word.

Edited 3 time(s). Last edit at 08/05/2010 06:09PM by Greener Pastures Pub.
More Terrific News
G John Richards was campaigning on the Lincoln County Prosecuting Attorney's website which is a violation of State and Federal Campaign Finance Law. So Mr Richards will start his new law career out facing a campaign finance violation and a bar complaint.

This is the best News of the Year. The guy is finally getting what he deserves.
This is better than trailer trash on parade. Now information has come out this guy was threatening to sue voters for discussing his history and putting campaign information on the Prosecutors website. Not a good way to win an election.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 08/05/2010 09:27PM by Greener Pastures Pub.
My son is going through a case right now in Lincoln CO. that will probably get dismissed. We were told that even if the case gets dismissed, the prosecuting attorney is famous for re-filing the charges over and over again hoping that the person does not have the money to keep hiring representation so that they get get a conviction of some sort. I asked the attorney how this is even legal and she had no answer. This is so unfair to good families. Is there anything we can do? Will there be a grand Jury with Mr. Richards? I have read on several sites that there will be?
A good prosecutor gets convictions. A Great Prosecutor Gets Justice for the victims. G John Richards is neither. I have heard through various blogs that someone in his office is going to rat him out once he leaves office. They have been making copies of his unethical conduct in the cases you site and others. I would think at the very least he will get disbarred. However, I doubt that it will be in time for your son. Richards rarely dismisses anything even with uncontroverted evidence of a persons innocence. Most of Richards victims end up pleading and paying some huge fine with supervised probation. He wins by running legal fees. I strongly suspect he gets some personal financial reward from getting probation from the accused. I suggest that whatever happens you file a complaint with the Missouri Bar Association. Wait until the end of the proceedings. or January 2. Richards is extremely vindicative.

PS Richards will be out of job January 1, 2011 file your bar complaint against him after that. I know of at least 10 complaints that are in the works now to be filed after he leaves office. Help us help you.

Edited 3 time(s). Last edit at 08/20/2010 06:29PM by Greener Pastures Pub.
Hopefully, if this gets dismissed and he re-files, we can postpone it until Leah takes office. I don't understand how someone can re-file when a case has been dismissed. I have never heard of that happening before. How can that be legal to re-file after a case has been dis-missed? Hopefully, since he has not been re-elected, he will not be so determined.
Terri I would be very very careful. Do not say anything to anyone in Lincoln County. This guy is very vindicative. He is going to be even more angered that the voters have not submitted to his absolute authoritarian personality. Try like hell to stall.
Thank you! My son is a good boy and has never been in trouble before. This could potentially hurt his career in the future. He is young and clueless. He believes that if he tells the truth and the facts are there then that is all that matters but he does not realize that regardless of that, the system may fail him. He does not want anything on his record. I just can not believe that this is allowed to happen.
Another Good Idea is to stay completely out of Lincoln County Drive around it if you have to. Richards will have the cops looking for him if he dismisses or the case is weak to try to get something else on him.

BELIEVE IT. This guy is something made for TV movies. Richards is the real criminal. Everyone says that has been victimized by him how could this happen in America. It has and it continues.
This definately sounds like something out of the movies. I can not believe there isn't some higher power to stop this from happening to people.
you would think there would be. Prosecuting Attorneys have no supervisors in the State of Missouri. Neither do juvenile officers who are only supervised by the supposed impartial judge that hears their cases. No kidding.

Until we figure out a system whereby prosecutors can either be sued or there is some appeal board to go to for their decisions to prevent them from running legal fees there really will be no justice in MO

This one man and his subservants have ruined literally thousands of lives of very innocent people.

Richards is seriously mentally illl. I predict he is going to erupt in a big way real soon.

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 08/20/2010 06:23PM by Greener Pastures Pub.
Wow... I know several people who have been victims of his as well. What happens when they re-file charges? Is it the same charge again or do they try to come up with a seperate charge?
Both. They also will rig a jury or coach witnesses from the back of a courtroom. Many compare Lincoln County to the movie Deliverance with Burt Reynolds.

It is not just Richards though who is involved. It is Judge Amy Jo Kinker, Judge Dalton, Judge Burkemper and more
Tell everyone you know to vote against Jim Beck. He is part of that Crowd.
Also tell everyone to boycott Lincoln County. Blog about the Corruption there. Warn anyone who is considering moving there Tell them to watch Deliverance before they even think about it.
I am hoping for the best for my son. I know that most people claim they are innocent and are not but he really is. This case should have been thrown out already but it seems as though the prosecuter is the one who keeps pushing for a payment of some sort. It seems very unfair. It seems that you know alot about the Lincoln Co justice system.
When people say there innocent in Lincoln County they usually are. I have a friend who was beaten so badly there he was unrecongizable. I have a friend of a friend who was listed as a child abuser because her teenage mentallly ill daughter wanted to move out of the house. I have met many of Richards victims over the years and that is why I am so vocal about stopping this monster.
It is definately about money.
Take some comfort in this guy is going to be looking for a job in the worst economy since the great depression. Who would hire him to be there lawyer.

Edited 2 time(s). Last edit at 08/21/2010 07:43PM by Greener Pastures Pub.
A Wentzville Cop told me recently he will not even pick up anyone on a Lincoln County warrant. That is pretty damn bad
That is really sad to hear. I have read on several sites that there will be a grand jury and members of his own staff may testify against him. Have you heard anything about that or even know if it is true?
Richards closest employees are ratting him out.
First of all, I would like to know to whom I am posting this stuff to and how Greener Pastures Pub acquires this info to post. I have been reading these comments for two days now and I know from personal experience, that most all of it is true. In my opinion, there is no worse criminal. My family and I could be considered one of thousands of Richards' victims. If this conspiracy holds truth, then Lincoln County and the State of Missouri holds a certain level of responsibility as well. My family's story is so shocking that I am reluctant to post it. It has lasted for more than five years and would be a great screenplay. I have tried to tell my story to the Governor, the Attorney General, and various news outlets but no one has the time or cares enough to get their ass up off of my tax money and help. In my particular case, my attorney has proven my innocence three times in open court in front of Judge Kinker and Judge Burkemper, yet this Prosecutor changes the charge or changes the State staute and refiles it. I fully understand what corruption is. I would love to tell my full story but I fear retribution. I have private counsel with over 35 years experience and he is baffled; or a part of this consiracy? Who knows? Forums like these are great for getting started on the road to justice, but I will not stop until justice is served. I would love to tell someone relevant who I am but cannot do so within this forum. If anyone has advice, please respond.
Start with a Bar Complaint filed on January 2, 2010 against Richards. That will get the ball rolling. The more of Richards victims whom complain the more likely the bar will look into it. Ask in your complaint that in not be investigated by Lincoln County Attorneys. You can go to the Missouri Bar website for information on how to do that. The fact that no one knows who you are gives you protection. Be careful not to give specific facts or dates. I know much more than I am blogging about but I am not at liberty to disclose any more information. Fear not the Ark of Justice is Long but it always bends towards Justice. Here is the link for the Missouri Bar Association and the Chief Disciplinary Counsel []
If you know others who were victims of Richards I encourage you to share this thread and the Chief Disciplinary Counsel for the Missouri Bar link., It iwll be channeled to the right authorities if it fits into the parameters of the Grand Jury
To file a complaint against Judge Kinnker and Judge Burkemper
James M. Smith
Administrator and Counsel
Commission on Retirement, Removal and Discipline of Judges
2190 South Mason Road, Suite 201
St. Louis, MO 63131
For information, call 314/966-1007.

Kinker is leaving but Burkemper is not yet going. Please consider that when you file your complaint against Burkemper.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 08/21/2010 02:54AM by Greener Pastures Pub.
I would also like to know where the above headline came from and why is referenced. How much credibility does this forum topic have?
Who is teacher259? Dont tell me I dont want to know. That is what is so great about the site. You can talk openly about what is really going on as it is forum for free speech and discussion.

Best of Luck to you. I am headed out. Just keep fighting.
I don't think I was totally clear about my family's situation. My case is pending; pending the fact that I give my attorney another $2000 or this will likely go to trial. In addition to that, my wife has already been wrongfully convicted and cannot be found. We are only aware of an FTA warrant that we believe our less than forthright Sheriff's Dept. has tried to serve. My children have suffered for more than a year without their mother and at this point in time, I have almost nothing to lose. I cannot wait unitl January 2011. This needs to be stopped now. Considering that fact that my family has been decimated financially, emotionally, psycologically, you could very well term me "the father that will do what ever is necessary to protect my children." I have already contacted the aformentioned agencies with no results. Fifty years ago, the citizens of this county would have exacted their own justice. As a long-time resident here, the current mood in this county is close to going back to that type of justice.
Teacher I was speaking to my wife about your situation. Do not respond with violence. This is the wrong thing to do because of your children. You could contact the United States Justice Department by and through your attorney. Which will not help you this minute but will help get things undone once Richard is indicted and or disbarred. You could also ask your attorney to apply for a stay until Richards is no longer the prosecutor and ask Leah to review the case and dismiss it as abuse of prosecutorial discretion. From what I hear in the pipeline Leah is going to be reviewing all those crazy cases that Richards has committed serious prosecutorial misconduct. But that is just word of mouth. At least Richards is not going to be the prosecutor for long. Have your lawyer ask for more discovery. Get copies of everything of the prosecutors you can. You will need it. Ask for depositions and have your lawyer set them as far in advance as possible to try to get past the January 1 D day when Richards will loose his throne.
the Democratic Committee ask Leah to run against Gary John Richards and that says they know something too

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 08/21/2010 06:12PM by Greener Pastures Pub.
Can anyone we ask for the attorney to file a "Stay" until Richards is no longer the prosecuter? Do you think we would gain too much attention by doing this and it could cause my son more problems? I do not want them harrassing him.
You will have to ask your attorney those questions. I really dont know. I would try to get it pushed out as far as possible. Who knows maybe Richards will be forced to resign before January. That would be the best thing for the County. Normally prosecutors dont stay in office but a few weeks between the election and the changeover date. It would be best if Leah took over right away.

Terri if you live in Lincoln County prepare for a life of hell. Your child is not of the chosen children of the good old families then now they know who he is His life will be RUINED. You have to get him out of there.

Edited 1 time(s). Last edit at 08/21/2010 10:59PM by Greener Pastures Pub.
Terri and Teachr please let us know how things turn out and dont forget to file the formal complaints against these outrageous violations of human rights. This is America and if you complain and everyone else violated complains they will have to listen and take action. There are already complaints filed so please lets help the people who are still being victimized and dont understand what is going on in the Troy/Lincoln County Missouri Court System.
I truly appreciate your insight and advice Green Pub. I t is obvious that you are more than knowledgable about the law and our local system. What I need people to understand is that I am already bankrupt and will likely lose my attorney. At the same time, my wife has already been tried, convicted, sentenced, filed an appeal and lost. Technically, she should be in prison at this time. As a child of Christ, we are only subject to the law if we are guilty. I have chosen not to submit myself or my family (especially my wife), to being punished for a crime that was never committed. I have a couple of questions regarding specific attorneys about which you have insight. First, do you think that the Public Defender's office here in Troy could be involved with Richards? And second, what do you know about an attorney from St. Charles named Frank Conard? I would appreciate any insight you may have.
In response to your comment about Leah's review of John's cases, I know her personally, helped with her campaign, and know for a fact that she is right for this job. I speak to her or her office regularly, and she told me herself that she will do exactly what you've said; dismiss any case without merit.
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