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Grand Theft Auto Review, by Cascade.

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Grand Theft Auto Review, by Cascade.
May 09, 2008 11:32AM
I finally beat GTA 4 tonight.

It took me a week and a half.... and I'm a hard-core gamer.

Even with my first three days, almost 24/7 dedicated to the game, I was still unable to beat it.

GTA4 has well over a hundred hours of playable game plot alongside abot a thousand hours of "other stuff".

But the best part of the whole game is the politics.

As you run around killin' fools (like all the other GTAs) the radio is going. And there are three differenet political radio channels to listen to.

One: The right wing channel, in which the "little fascists" are encouraged to call in and pledge their support fo American fascism.

The Liberal Channel, where actors answer all you scientific questions about Global warming and explain how they are better suited to descipher data than actual scientists because they are "actors". They play real people pretending to talk about real things... or maybe it's that they pretend to be real people and talk about pretend things... it's all very confusing and obviously takes a real actor to sort out reality for yoou.

And then there's Lazlo.

For those who've played the other GTAs Lazlo will be a familiar voice... but now it's ten years later and he's obviously had some run-ins with Shemales... on more than a few occasions.

The radio is brilliant.... but the game is better.

And the city.... oh, the city itself makes it all worth while.

GTA4 is not "up to snuff" on the next gen graphics... but who needs them when you are upgrading the greatest game of all time?

It's like all the other GTA cramed into one crack pipe and delivered by a Ukrainian mule to your penthouse apartment in Downtown Manhatten.

Even then, high as hell on GTA fumes, you still have a lot more to do than you realized.

The interaction with characters is almost too much at times.

Just like in real life you may choose to keep your cell phone off.... just so that youcan kill more cops.

The combat system is typical GTA style with many necessary upgrades. Things like auto focus and the ability to run-and-gun... have been added to make it ever so much easier to kill more cops tan you ever wanted to.

By the time the game ends you are ready to become a good guy and turn over your life of crime for a girl, you futurre or just because it's wheighing to heavily on your cousin... it's all about how you play the game.

And even when the game ends you've still got sh*t to do. Lot's of people to kill, chances are you havent found much of anything and just went throght the story so the hundreds of random encounters are still left untouched.

And the cars....

Oh man, when you've jacked an infurnus and are tearin' through the city you don't need a racing game... and when you get out, you don't need any other shooter... and when the story picks up again, you don't need another RPG.

GTA's got it all. it's the best game for the next-gen systems so faar. Hands down.

I recomend it to everyone who's ever thought about kicking in their TV during the comercial break, to everyone who's ever retended that their car has guns, to everyone who thinks that the cops can catch every criminal... and to those criminals who think that they can get away.

GTA is for everyone!

Over 17 of coursse... heh.
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