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Airport police officer identifies man charged in Capitol riot after he was kicked off flight for 'continuously' yelling 'Trump 2020'

Posted by Curt Anderson 
I love how these insurrectionists self-own themselves with their hubris and aggression
(CNN) Federal prosecutors have charged a man in connection to the riot and insurrection at the Capitol on January 6, after a Washington, DC, airport police officer helped identify him.

In an affidavit filed in federal court, a special agent with the US Capitol Police says the man, John Lolos, was identified by a Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority police officer after Lolos was kicked off a Delta flight the afternoon of January 8 at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. The crew had decided to turn the plane around while it was taxiing, according to the agent, because Lolos was causing a disturbance by "continuously yelling 'Trump 2020!'"

The police officer, identified only as Officer Braddock, witnessed Lolos being escorted off the flight, according to the affidavit.
"Officer Braddock was alerted to LOLOS's activity and witnessed him return to the gate from the airplane, but did not detain or arrest LOLOS when he returned to the gate," the affidavit says. "Delta booked LOLOS a later flight to his destination, and LOLOS continued to wait at the gate."

About 45 minutes later, Braddock was scrolling through his Instagram feed when he saw a video showing rioters inside the Capitol building, the affidavit says. The video showed a man exiting a Capitol doorway, and Braddock identified him as the same man he saw get kicked off the flight, the agent said. []

Barking dogs looking for a kick in the ribs if they don't shut up.
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