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  • A New Era Is at Hand
  • Why the Republican Party Loathes and Despises Democracy
  • To Achieve the American Dream, We Are Going to Have to Leave the United States...
  • "Peeling The American Onion It Ain't Over 'Til The Last Burger King Leaves Kandahar" by Michael Moore
  • pb, what do you get out of being wrong all the time that makes you so proud of it?
  • Taliban fighters upset, feel betrayed that US military left non-working helicopters: report
  • "It's long past time for po and Curt, isle and you to stop already with the, "But Trump! But Trump! But Trump!" insanity." -pb
  • Child COVID-19 hospitalization rates hit record in U.S. — but not in California. Here’s why
  • Justice Department sues Texas over 6-week abortion ban that empowers legal ‘vigilantes’
  • I Blame Trump
  • California has lowest COVID-19 case rate in US
  • A Doctor Who Defied Texas' Abortion Law Is Sued, Launching A Legality Test Of The Ban
  • If Joe Biden is actually suffering from a mental imparement as Hate insists that he is...
  • Absolutely Confront Kyrsten Sinema Outside Of Her Bathroom Stall
  • At this point,
  • Laura Ingraham interview with policeman fired for opposing vaccine mandate resurfaces after he died of Covid
  • Thank our lucky stars that Trump is not president right now.
  • Tell us what we stand for, Hate.....
  • Ludicrously Pathetic Straws are All the Republicans Have Left to Grasp At
  • Public Hearings into 1/6 Insurrection Begin
  • The Big Lie has been indesputably proven to be precisely that:
  • Here's something that really irks the heck outta me.
  • The Criminal Referals Are Already Happening
  • The Indignation of the Guilty
  • A Quick Little Quiz
  • Should Pence Have Done What Trump Wanted Him To?
  • Just Curious: When Was the Last Time That Any American Company Had It's Entire Board of Directors Subpoenaed?
  • They can't see the forest for that one little tree they want to make a big deal out of.
  • About the committee not allowing more Republicans to be on it:
  • The FBI Pays Trump a Little House Call
  • I've never felt so bad for someone I dislike so much.
  • Okay, All You Right Wing Geniuses... Let's Hear Your Theories As to What Trump Had Planned For All the Top Secret Documents He Stole...
  • John Fetterman holds a 13-point lead over Dr. Oz in the Pennsylvania Senate race: poll
  • I wish to congratulate pb.
  • Oh Please Oh Please OH PLLLEEEEEEASE, Donald... PLEASE Announce Your Candidacy for President in '24 On Tuesday Like You're Planning To...
  • The Republican Civil War
  • Hate, What is "The Swamp" to You?
  • McCarthy's News Conference
  • Why Did the Archives Apparently Never Ask for the Unreturned Biden Documents Back?
  • Why is it...?
  • Thanks for the list, olde dude!
  • Biden Resides Over Best Employment Numbers of Any Four Year President In Only Two Years
  • Biden Beats All the Odds and Knocks It Out of the Park In the SOTU
  • New Tennessee Law Makes It Illegal for Minors To Attend KKK and Other White Supremacist Functions
  • So Hunter Accepted a 2.8 Carat, $80k Diamond From the Chinese...?!?!?!?
  • "Grooming"
  • "[Hate] declares this, as a purely symbolic act, is one of the greatest moments in US presidential history."
  • McCarthy Gives Tucker Over 40,000 Hours of 1/6 Surveillance Tapes
  • From the Party That Overflows with Diversity and Inclusivity
  • Tucker declares that his job is not to deliver the news. "Not even close"
  • Fox coverage of Trump's Big Lie regarding Dominion largely based on "wackadoodle" source
  • Christianity as we know it is dying. Let’s welcome the new life ahead.
  • Congratulations, Bill

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